A diplomatist's wife in many lands, Volume 1

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Dodd, Mead and company, 1913 - China
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Page 151 - Oh! for a closer walk with God, A calm and heavenly frame, A light to shine upon the road That leads me to the Lamb!
Page 160 - The poetess was everything I did not like. She had great cavernous eyes, glowering out under two big bushes of black ringlets, a fashion I had not beheld before. She never laughed, or even smiled, once, during the whole conversation, and through all the gloom of the shuttered room I could see that her face was hollow and ghastly pale. Mamma mia\ but I was glad when 1 got out into the sunshine again.
Page 129 - ... knew, and that young writers should read at any rate the first two perseveringly and obediently. When he was about ten years old it dawned upon him that he had a violent and uncontrollable temper, and, with the simplicity which marked all his character, he decided to get it in hand. One member of the family constantly irritated him to the verge of frenzy, and he invented a form of self-discipline which very few children would have thought of imposing on themselves. My mother entered his room...
Page 161 - Of humour she was destitute to the extent of complete unconsciousness of its existence. Had she possessed it in ever so slight a degree I sometimes think the British public might not have plunged headlong into the vortex of vicarious sentimentality which engulfed it at that time, and that even the course of history might have been slightly deflected in the direction of honesty and common sense. People who would not and could not take the trouble to inform themselves of the arguments for and against...
Page 143 - The Witch of Prague" he went and lived in that city and learned Bohemian. . . . He was quite detached; he worked to the very end, knowing that the end might come at any moment, in order that his dear ones might not miss any of the comforts and luxuries with which he had always surrounded them. He was princely in his dealings with others, the helper of the poor, the defender...
Page 83 - I stood and watched my mother being dressed for the evening's festivity, her lively lips smiling at the reflection of herself in the glass, which certainly never showed a fairer picture. I took it all in— the perfect oval face, the dark sweet eyes, the camellia whiteness of the bare shoulders framed in old Venetian point that lost itself in the folds of her tearose moire gown, just the tint of her cheeks. She had big pearls in her ears, and a silver girdle knotted around her waist and falling to...
Page 130 - Getting over a rage," he replied doggedly, continuing the exercise. " When I am so angry that I want to kill somebody I come in here and carry the shutter three times round the room before I answer them. It is the only way.
Page 56 - ... Agnes, and on that day the Campagna shepherds brought the firstlings of their flocks, all curled and beribboned, to the Church of St. Agnese fuori le mura, where the poetical ceremony of blessing the lambs took place. That day the officiating Cardinal was a very old man, and his sight was dim. When the English nurse, curious to see everything, pushed forward, with Marion, a bundle of fluffy whiteness, asleep in her arms, the good Eminenza thought she was carrying a lamb, and, exclaiming "Che...
Page 79 - When it ceased I found myself kneeling on the pavement, crying helplessly, while my recalcitrant Protestant guardian, who stood obstinately erect during the whole service, was trying to pull me to my feet, and whispering angrily, " You are not to kneel down — get...
Page 142 - He always looked forward to the day when he should be able to close the book of romance and devote himself to the one study which he considered worth pursuing, that of history. His essays in that direction —

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