The Likeness of the Night: A Modern Play in Four Acts

Front Cover
Adam and Charles Black, 1900 - 146 pages

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Page iii - And where the red was, lo the bloodless white, And where truth was, the likeness of a liar, And where day was, the likeness of the night; This is the end of every man's desire.
Page 8 - MILDRED. How do you do? I am very glad to see you, and Miss Hamilton too. [Shakes hands, &c.
Page 32 - BERNARD. Too many cigarettes ; they make one nervous. I shall get those seats for Monday. MILDRED. Why did you go to Finchley Road ? Do you know any one there ? BERNARD. Of course. I didn't go for a country stroll. No time for that sort of thing. I see many people you know nothing about, and
Page 93 - started for his case—Willoughby and Cartwright. MRS. CAREW. Did she have any letters? AMY. None ; I remember that perfectly. MRS. CAREW. Did she see any visitors? AMY. Oh no. She came down with her bonnet on. MRS. CAREW. Where did she go ? AMY. Only for a walk. She always goes for one in the morning.
Page 24 - run away. MILDRED. [Looking shocked^] Oh, but MRS. CAREW. Well, or die. There can't be anything to shock you in dying, dear Mrs. Archerson ? MILDRED. Bernard is so much taken up with his work, he has no time for anything else. MRS. CAREW. He is becoming famous; his name is always in the papers.
Page 56 - in a school ... we waited and waited. There were debts—he was worried and distracted—but he did not tell me everything. I thought he had left off loving me, and wanted it broken off ... there were all sorts of misunderstandings. ... I thought he had changed altogether. I gave up my pupils and went away secretly
Page 68 - the door, motioning MARY back into the room]—by telling him. You can choose. [Pause] MARY. I must promise, if that is the only price of your silence. MILDRED. It is the only price. MARY. Then I promise. [MILDRED leans against the door as if about to fall. MARY goes forward. MILDRED shrinks from her.
Page 68 - MILDRED. Go back ! go back ! You think that what you are doing is right. It may be so. To me it seems the deepest sin. Which it is, God knows, and He will prove. For all people, and of all deeds, there comes a Day of Judgment. It will come of what you are
Page 77 - looking across the space between us—those years before we met again, Mollie—I had time to find out that if one is not in love it is possible to be deadly lonely in the company of the best woman on earth, no matter what obligations bind you to her. I would have given her
Page 16 - MILDRED. [With an air of suppressed excitement^ Mr. Carew, I heard Bernard's hansom stop. I know the sound with which he throws open the doors. Wait and see him. MR. CAREW. Of course I will. MRS. CAREW. [To her husband.~\ Charlie, that woman has more in her than we think. Enter BERNARD ARCHERSON

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