Privately Printed Opuscula Issued to Members of the Sette of Odd Volumes, Issues 48-52

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Page 16 - I strove with none, for none was worth my strife, Nature I loved, and next to nature, art. I warm'd both hands before the fire of life : It sinks; and I am ready to depart Mr.
Page 47 - dry, bald, and sere: A lily of a day Is fairer far in May, Although it fall and die that night; ' It was the plant and flower of light. In small proportions we
Page 30 - as it flew by him;—" I'll not hurt thee," says my uncle Toby, rising from his chair, and going across the room with the fly in his hand,—" I'll not hurt a hair of thy head :—Go," says he, lifting up the sash to let it escape;— " go, poor devil, get thee gone, why
Page 47 - themselves an example. Here is a perfect poem, in a single strophe taken from a long Pindaric Ode, in which it was set by the Poet, like a gem in mere metal. It is not growing like a tree In bulk doth make men better be;
Page 31 - I need not tell the reader, if he keeps a Hobby-Horse—that a man's Hobby-Horse is as tender a part as he has about him; and that these unprovoked strokes at my uncle Toby's could not be unfelt by him—No;—as I said above, my uncle Toby did feel them, and very sensibly too.
Page 35 - There is no giftus to it, noodle !— 'tis my own name," replied the curate, dipping his hand, as he spoke, into the bason." In these scenes, from which I have filtered off some extractive matter, I say we have a fair specimen of the genius of Sterne. And now, what would you
Page 21 - A foppish physician once reminded Johnson of his having been in company with him on a former occasion. " I do not remember it, Sir! " The physician still insisted, adding that he that day wore so fine a coat that it must have attracted his notice. " Sir," said Johnson, "had you been dipped in Pactolus, I should not have noticed you.
Page 33 - Not a jot," quoth my father." " My brother does it," quoth my uncle Toby, " out of principle." " In a family way, I suppose," quoth Dr. Slop. " Pshaw !" said my father—" 'tis not worth talking of." In Chapter XXVII. of the next Book, we hear of the damage done to
Page 28 - brought the great Stevinus into my head, who, you must know, is a favourite author with me." " Then," added my father, " I will lay twenty guineas to a single crownpiece that this Stevinus was some engineer or other, or has wrote something or other, either
Page 31 - Pray, Sir, what said he ?—How did he behave ?"—" O, Sir !—it was great; for as soon as my father had done insulting his Hobby-Horse—he turned his head, without the leaft emotion, from Dr. Slop, to whom he was

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