Romantic Canada

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Macmillan Company of Canada, Limited, 1922 - Canada - 254 pages

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Page 249 - But I'm not sure," he added with characteristic Scotch humour, "but what the hole in the roof gives better ventilation than the window, in the pretty cottage, that's never opened." The work of the minister and his assistant teachers in the boys' school, and the English women giving their lives to work among the girls, is another fine medium for developing patriotism in the Indians here and to the north. Indian children appear at these schools from "anywhere up Arctic way" and on their arrival are...
Page xiii - The introduction to her volume took note of the way its author viewed Canadian society, and, in a gratuitous aside, contrasted that society with its neighbour to the south. The book, it said, records those unique and beautiful racial traditions which have survived in Canada and flourished, while the passion for conformity to a provincial process of standardization has crushed them in the United States. In Canada, the Scottish Highlander, the Acadian, and the Doukhobor, for example, have not been...
Page 251 - ... wooden spoon, blackened and polished with age, and of a pattern suggesting the unearthed treasures of Thebes. Over at one side of the room, in a compartment partitioned off by cracker-boxes and blowing curtains, and all open on the side facing the fire, sits an aged woman, claiming to be a hundred years at least, and how much older — who can tell? — weaving pretty little baskets to sell to visitors from the boats. Despite her great age, the old woman has all her faculties and is really an...
Page 251 - The jam-pots flank the little floor-bed, outline the rude little pillows, are marshalled four-square against the mop-boards, and others more timid or worse cracked than their fellows are propped up behind the little old stove, itself dropping to pieces! Apparently Kitty is a happy old soul, with a great capacity for jam. One is puzzled to know how she gets sugar enough for it all, until learning that Kitty picks up a living by mending socks and stockings—everybody's in town, from the minister's...
Page 152 - It is he who owns the precious wampum and the invaluable silver medals, gifts of distinguished sovereigns to himself and predecessors in office — one medal from King George III, one from Louis Quinze of France, one from King George IV, two from the late Queen Victoria.
Page 195 - Spiritual Aspects of Education." Educational Forum 2: 391-402; May 1938. The present trend toward fitting the school to the child rather than the child to the school may be regarded as a religious movement in education.
Page 248 - ... the red man than ever before. For with his life's blood he has bought the right to add it, a new theme, to his family totem. A splendid work is being done among the Alert Bay Indians by both the Government and the Church. The Indian agent here is a hardy Ontario Scotsman, who understands the Indian and has won his confidence to a splendid degree. "'Tis true," he himself assured us, "they still live in the community-house.
Page 253 - Becky", always ready with a story and tea, and making a real home at the old mission for men who are carving Canada's fortunes out of the northern wilderness. Indeed, you may sip your five o'clock tea in as cosy and homelike drawing-rooms and from as delicate china in Alert Bay as anywhere in Canada; which, considering its remoteness, speaks well for those who are holding this outpost of the red men with totem pedigrees ! The Indians need, and deserve, a high standard.
Page 247 - feast-of-blood" will never be repeated. Yet the potlatch survives and who, even of the Indians, knows if the diabolical spirit of the bird is dead? It is not altogether the natural scenery that weaves the mystery and charm for the visitor to Alert Bay, but rather those unfathomable things, sometimes, intangible things, which having no articulate voice yet speak with marvellous power to every generation and I suppose have so spoken since the dawn of time. One day as we were looking the "Thunder-bird...

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