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I really liked most of this book. It really revolutionized my whole feel of the number system. I am really proud that I read this book. However, the frequent latin phrases had me annoyed, or at least wishing I was born at the turn of LAST century, when I assume that authors used such prose more often. A great book altogether though, just written in a style that seemed a little outdated. 

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page 32 describes about sunna and srif.
Search for sunna allow you to see a lot more things.
See Page 42 also about Chinese mithology.

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Numberis an eloquent, accessible tour de force that reveals how the concept of number evolved from prehistoric times through the twentieth century. Tobias Dantzig shows that the development of mathfrom the invention of counting to the discovery of infinityis a profoundly human story that progressed by trying and erring, by groping and stumbling. He shows how commerce, war, and religion led to advances in math, and he recounts the stories of individuals whose breakthroughs expanded the concept of number and created the mathematics that we know today.
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Number: The Language of Science
Escrito por Tobias Dantzig, Joseph Mazur, Barry Mazur
Colaborador Barry Mazur
Edition: reprint, illustrated
Publicado por Plume, 2007
ISBN 0452288118, 9780452288119
398 páginas

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