A Treatise of Reformation Without Tarying for Anie

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On sale at the Publication department, Congregational Union of England and Wales, 1903 - 31 pages

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Page 22 - 7.] as the Lorde hath called euerie one, so let him walke, and so ordained Paule in all the churches. If then the Magistrate will commaunde the Souldiour to be a Minister, or the Preacher to giue ouer his calling, and chaunge it for an other, they ought not to obeye him,
Page 31 - that anie euill thing is tolerable in the Church, as though the church gouernement could not remedie it: yea and so tolerable, that all men should be brought into bondage thereby: yea into so foolishe bondage that they should protest a thing to be euill, and so thinke they are excused to practise the same.
Page 30 - that is written, Such honor bee to all his Saintes. And in deede this is a great honour we haue, as Paule sayeth [2. Cor. 10.], that though we walke in the fleshe, yet we warre not after the fleshe. For the weapons of our warfare are not carnall, but mightie through God, to caste
Page 24 - [Song 8.], as ye woulde haue the Magistrate to do, and it was forbidden the Apostles to preache to the vnworthie, or to force a planting or gouernement of the Church [Mat. 10.]. The Lordes kingdome is not by force, neither by an armie or
Page 27 - In steade of thy fathers shal thy children be, whom thou shalt make Princes throughout all the earth. And this is spoken of the posteritie of Salomon, which as figures of Christ, were Lords of the world, though their dominio in worldly wise was not so large. For all that Psalm is
Page 20 - area snare to the people, and fill vp their measure of iniquitie, while ye pretende the Magistrates authoritie. For will anie man else giue oner his calling, or abridge the full execution thereof, when the Magistrates forbid them, will they cease the teaching or due guiding of their householdes and charge for their
Page 20 - for the Magistrates. The Lorde will remember this iniquitie, and visite this sinne vpon you. Ye will not haue the kingdome of God, to go forward by his spirit, but by an armie & strength for sooth [Zacha. 4.] : ye will not haue it as Leauen hidde in three
Page 30 - due admonition. And therefore the Church is called the house of the lining God, the piller and grounde of trueth [1. Tim. 3.]. For by the due order therein, Religion and holinesse is vphelde, and all heresies, euill maners, and wicked examples put awaye. If then anie open wickednesse must
Page 22 - ouer his calling, and chaunge it for an other, they ought not to obeye him, for they haue not the gifte, and God hath called them, this way rather then that. Yet if the Magistrate call one of a lower calling to an higher, to the which he is fitt and prepared, he ought to obeye, for God hath calleth

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