Refabricating ARCHITECTURE: How Manufacturing Methodologies are Poised to Transform Building Construction

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McGraw Hill Professional, 2004 - Architecture - 175 pages
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This thought-provoking book presents a compelling argument for moving architecture from a part-by-part, linear approach to an integrated one that brings together technology, materials, and production methods. Using examples from several industries that have successfully made the change to an integrated component approach, these visionary authors lay the groundwork for a dramatic and much-needed change in the building industry.

* Packed with graphics that illustrate how and why change is needed
* Examples from the auto, shipbuilding, and aerospace industries illustrating how to improve quality while saving time and money
* Redefines the roles of architects, materials scientists, process engineers, and contractors

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Book Review: Mohammad Isa Mehdi
In this book,Authors have presented a comparision between present construction process and aerospace,shipping and automobile industry.Authors have shown a great
graphic presentations and research evidences which shows that how construction industry can learn from their related industries by applying several steps of process.
Author has described that Architecture is not only an Art but little good trade has involved.Art become a luxury but only if it has some economic value.In 15th,19th century most important part was Architecture and more human energy was invested in Architectural work and value of building was dependent on its Architecture. Author has shown that making by hand was only way in our building history.We adopt some machine craft in twentieth century and it is still a dream of various Architects to fully adopt the machine craft.In twentieth century vernacular architecture arose.Vernacular construction was the result of connection between design,need and modern buildings¹.
Now Architecture donot have certain style and its becoming more commercial.Art today is the mean of transformation of production that means that we decide the scope ,value and time,the three most important elements before designing.We donot have to regret that we have design an ugly building as we know today what would be end product through technology.So Architecture and construction has transformed today in technology.Architecture today is not only a Art but technology.The Author has described that “quality and scope are directly proportional to cost and time².” that means these all four factors are dependent on each other and these are important aspect of building construction .But today this theory has failed.Client is demanding more for less that means demand of high quality and good scope for less cost and time.
Author has decribed transformation in construction field.In history there were master builders who design,construct and built themselves.They were engineers,Architects,Masons etc.But now situation is different.Architectural production is divided into components.There is an specialist for different functions.Architecture has become the production. Automobile,shipping,aerospace industry,construction industry has also developed models of engagement that joined all acts of design and production.There is no need of forced designing today.Designers need not to be controlled from startt till end.Probems occurs in designing can be break down in an structure and can be solved separately or together³.
Author has compared building design to car design.Author pressurize on prefabricated buildings by giving example of car and by explaining how building can be designed as car.As we know that prefabricated construction has failed in various part of word and people donot like to live in prefabricated house.They donot feel safe,comfort in these type of building .Author has done an small effort to change this thinking by explaining the excellent form of refabricated errorless Architecture.
“Architecture requires deep control, not merely of an idea, but ,also of the stuff ,we use to give form to the idea4”that means that architecture is not an art but also a function to perform.So Architects create Architecture in equal measures with their ideas and materials.By allowing architecture to get reduced and following material science,assembly,product development we can create new era in building construction.Role of Architect today is centered on how to form an idea,use of place and use of that idea.So Architects has to focus of assembly,products and materials rather than designing an idea.
Author has implemented use of material science in today construction.they remared that material science is not an style but a purpose to change the process of architecture.Author has focused that we are using same materials since 15th century and we have very limited materials to use.So we have to focus on inventions of new materials in our industry.Why everyday a new invention occur in field of automobile



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In 1984 Stephen Kieran, FAIA, FAAR, and James Timberlake, FAIA, FAAR founded the firm KieranTimberlake Associates LLP, located in Philadelphia. KieranTimberlake Associates LLP has been awarded 40 design awards during the past 20 years, including two Gold Medals and two Distinguished Building Awards from the American Institute of Architects.

Stephen Kieran received his Bachelor's degree from Yale University, magna cum laude, and his Master of Architecture from the University of Pennsylvania.

James Timberlake received his Bachelor's degree from the University of Detroit, with honors, and his Master of Architecture from the University of Pennsylvania, with honors.

Stephen Kieran and James Timberlake were recipients of the Rome Prize (in 1981 and 1983 respectively) from the American Academy in Rome, and have served as Eero Saarinen Distinguished Professor of Design at Yale University. They were awarded the inaugural 2001 Benjamin Latrobe Fellowship for architectural design research by the AIA College of Fellows. They are also the Max Fisher Chair recipients at the University of Michigan for Spring 2004. They currently serve as Adjunct Professors at the University of Pennsylvania School of Design where they lead a graduate research studio that explores the emerging interface between architecture as high art and the integration of developing technologies in materials science and product engineering.

They lecture internationally about the processes and methods that underlie transfer technologies and what has been their involvement in this new architecture. Their firm's work has been published and featured in Manual, the Architecture of KieranTimberlake (Princeton Architectural Press, 2002); and numerous publications including Architectural Record, Cambridge University's Architectural Research Quarterly, Interiors, Interior Design, WIRED Magazine, and The New York Times.

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