A general collection of ... voyages and travels, digested by J. Pinkerton

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John Pinkerton

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Page 682 - And when the sun begins to fling His flaring beams, me, Goddess, bring To arched walks of twilight groves, And shadows brown that Sylvan loves Of pine, or monumental oak, Where the rude axe with heaved stroke Was never heard the Nymphs to daunt, Or fright them from their hallowed haunt.
Page 362 - ... is ufually made twice a year. I obferved a woman employed in preparing it : having placed over the fire a round iron plate...
Page 665 - Notwithstanding which," the same author observes, " the work went on with such expedition, that it was surprising to see the fortress raised within less than five months, though the earth, which is very scarce thereabouts, was, for the greater part, carried by the labourers in the skirts of their clothes, and in bags made of rags and old mats, the use of wheelbarrows being then unknown to them...
Page 362 - Norway, called odds right, or right of inheritance, by which the proprietor of certain freehold eftates may re-purchafe his eftate, which either he or any of his anceftors have fold, provided he can prove the title of his family. But in order to enforce this claim, his anceftors, or he, muft have declared every tenth year, at the...
Page 598 - Englifh pounds. It has always been efteemed a meritorious act of religion to prefent a church with bells, and the piety of the donor has been meafured by their magnitude. According to this mode of...
Page 574 - Vitepfk ; from thence by a ftraight line running directly fouth to the fource of the Drug near Tolitzin ; by the Drug to its junction with the Dnieper ; and laftly, by the Dnieper to the point where it receives the Sotz. This territory is now divided into the two governments of...
Page 35 - His black coat was juft as much bedaubed as the frocks of his flock, and like the reft of them, he had cards in his left hand, which he ftruck fo forcibly on the dirty table, that the whole chamber trembled.
Page 682 - Ihe goes to the theatre*, or to a private concert; and, when there is no court in the evening, has a private party at cards. She feldom fups, generally retires at half paft ten, and is ufually in bed before eleven.
Page 295 - Germany cannot ufe its power altogether, and that other nations feel their ftrength, that it has been defpifed by the inhabitants of other countries, who yet have nothing to boaft above it, fave a fafter bond of union among themfdves, or a ridiculous pride.
Page 362 - Jlices of meat, fprinkled with fait, and dried in the wind, like hung beef; alfo a foup made like a hafty-pudding, of oatmeal or barley-meal; and in order to render it more palatable, they put in it a pickled herring or falted mackerel. The ufe of potatoes has been lately introduced, but thofe roots do not grow to any fize in a country where the fummer is fo fhort.

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