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Kendall Publication, 2008 - AIDS (Disease) - 253 pages
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Absolution is the story of four friends, three women, and Beau, a homosexual male. The four call themselves Cohorts and they live in an apartment that they lovingly refer to as the Cohort Quarters. The Cohorts believe their friendship is near perfect, until things start happening...Ronni, a hottie female Cohort, (5'4, light-skinned, with short wavy hair and skin-tight clothing) believes no man can resist her. So she betrays Beau her homosexual male Cohort, by sleeping with his man. (You got it, with Mr. Vanilla in the picture.) Scandalous! Beau finds out, destroys Ronni's property, and he and she fight. Beau has to leave, and the Cohorts are forced to choose sides. Then it becomes known that Ronni the betrayer is terminally ill. She shuns her Cohorts. They're unaware however, that she's attempting to shield them-- from the pain they'll experience should they find out. However, it seems they just might learn of her misfortune.

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