Journal of a Residence in Normandy

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Constable & Company, 1831 - Normandy (France) - 295 pages
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Page 28 - early to bed and early to rise, is the way to be healthy, wealthy, and wise.
Page 271 - The effigy of the distressed widow kneels at the headof an emaciated corpse representing her husband after death, stretched on a sarcophagus of black marble. She is in a mourning attitude corresponding with the words of the epitaph which she caused to be engraved on the tomb : — " Indivulsa tibi quondam, et fidissima conjux, Ut fuit in thalamo sic erit in tumulo.
Page 271 - Lusavoritch." He was of the reigning family of the Arsacidae, and lived and wrought towards the end of the third and the beginning of the fourth centuries...
Page 63 - CURIoSITY is one of the permanent and certain characteristics of a vigorous intellect. Every advance into knowledge opens new prospects, and produces new incitements to further progress. All the attainments possible in our present state are evidently inadequate to our capacities of enjoyment...
Page 76 - I enquired of a young woman, whom I met coming out of the door, whether it was there that they were drawing for the conscription. She looked in my face as if to assure herself that there was a being in the world ignorant of what she appeared to know but too well, and replied, almost reproachfully,
Page ii - XLIV. HISTORY of the MOST REMARKABLE CONSPIRACIES connected with European History. By John Parker Lawson, MA XLV. The NATURAL HISTORY of SELBORNE. By the late Rev. Gilbert White, MA A New Edition, with...
Page 288 - J'ai tué , ajouta-t-elle, en élevant extrêmement la voix, j'ai tué un homme pour en sauver cent mille; un scélérat pour sauver des innocens ; une bête féroce pour donner le repos à mon pays. J'étais républicaine avant la révolution, et je n'ai jamais manqué d'énergie.
Page 175 - ... ut nee ramum vel surculum audeat amputare, radicitus excidantur atque comburantur. Lapides quoque quos in ruinosis locis et silvestribus, daemonum ludificationibus decepti, venerantur, ubi et vota vovent et deferunt, funditus 1 Extra.
Page 144 - ... since I have seen it. No one appears so likely to have undertaken such a task as the female most nearly connected with the principal personage concerned in it, and especially if we consider what the character of this female was : the details which it contains are so minute, that they could scarcely have been known, except at the time when they took place; the letters agree in form with those upon Matilda's tomb ; and the manners and customs of the age are also preserved. — Mr.
Page i - IX. SYMES' EMBASSY to the KINGDOM of AVA. With a Narrative of the late Military and Political Operations in the Birman Empire.

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