At the Actor's Boarding House: And Other Stories

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Nevada publishing Company, 1907 - 380 pages

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Page 209 - Oh, what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive!
Page 121 - an' some folks better settle what they owe before gorgin' on the fat of the land !" "Yes'm," murmured Mr. Twister, unabashed, bolting a large potato whole in his haste to depart before she said more. "Yuh'll have them berries for breakfast an' Susy'll take it up," she told Flossie, privately ; "anything yuh feel like, ast fur it.
Page 121 - Lock the door," she whispered. "Say, you done fine. Didn't you ketch on to why I was making that crack?" The Collins' begged Leona to go on. "The Juggling Skillets ain't no friends to any of us," she commenced. "Tuh-day I met 'em like I said. I was up there after three weeks...
Page 124 - I'll probably have, a park date very soon, old man." said the agent, "but nothing right now." "Oh, I only got two weeks open," returned Frank, carelessly. "Better take us off the list, because we sail with the big act in two weeks, you know. Just got our English and German contracts.
Page 126 - You've got a nice little act. Six hundred's all right in Europe, but it's a hard game. They cut your time down and crab a good turn, and the country's an awful thing. Now I'll get you four hundred a week here and give you ten weeks around New York, eight more in the Eust and six on the Morpheum Circuit, West. You can't beat that. Yes or no?
Page 125 - The company worked with such dash and vim that be viewed their act approvingly. It appealed to him. Agents are but human after all. He began to feel a friendly interest in the talented group. "Look here; you stay over here,
Page 125 - em about it." The agent made up his mind to find out what the act was. "I'll call," said he. Frank raced home. Hurriedly the ladies strewed knicknacks about their smart apartments to make it look homelike. When the agent got there one look convinced him that the contracts were on the level. Vaudeville people could never keep up such style on small money. He made up his mind that these persons should come under his sheltering booking winsf, if only because they appeared to have no desire to do so.
Page 123 - Leona, you're an ace!" said he. "Get the contracts! Leave that to me. I'll be on the job at eight in the morning, an' you gals stay home and dope out what to cut.
Page 123 - Wilbur, by squeezin' it in, boost the twenty pounds salary to a hundred and twenty, and that ought to look pretty sweet." "But we ain't all workin' together," objected Frank. Flossie silenced him. "You'd go to work with anybody if you got anything fur it, wouldn't you?
Page 116 - I don't care. Him an' me might's well quit now as any time. He never did think nothin' of me. If he did he wouldn'ta held out that two yestidday.

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