The Babees' Book: Medieval Manners for the Young

Front Cover
Frederick James Furnivall, Edith Rickert
Chatto and Windus, 1908 - Child rearing - 203 pages

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Page ii - They say nay in a word, but they do so in deed ; for to the one they will gladly give a stipend of two hundred crowns by the year, and loth to offer to the other two hundred shillings. God that sitteth in heaven laugheth their choice to scorn, and rewardeth their liberality as it should. For he suffereth...
Page 98 - For no fruit nor birds nor ball. Child, over men's houses no stones fling Nor at glass windows no stones sling, Nor make no crying, jokes nor plays In holy Church on holy days. And child, I warn thee of another thing, Keep thee from many words and wrangling. And child, when thou goest out to play Look thou come home by light of day.
Page v - I swear by God's body, I'd rather that my son should hang than study letters. For it becomes the sons of gentlemen to blow the horn nicely, to hunt skilfully, and elegantly carry and train a hawk. But the study of letters should be left to the sons of rustics".
Page 21 - He hath ease in his power, Who thanks the Lord every hour, My lief child. Housewifely thou shalt go on the working day, For pride, rest, and idleness take thrift away; But when the Holy Day is come, well clothed shalt thou be, The Holy Day to honour, and God will cherish thee. Have in mind to worship God alway, For much pride comes of the evil day, My lief child. When thou art a wife, a neighbour for to be, Love then well thy neighbours as God hath commanded thee. It behoveth thee so for to do, And...
Page 129 - Nor imitate with Socrates To wipe thy snivelled nose Upon thy cap, as he would do, Nor yet upon thy clothes : But keep it clean with handkerchief, Provided for the same, Not with thy fingers or thy sleeve, Therein thou art to blame.
Page xxi - When you enter your lord's place, say "God Speed" and with humble cheer greet all who are there present. Do not rush in rudely, but enter with head up and at an easy pace, and kneel on one knee only to your lord.
Page 13 - HOW THE GOOD WIFE TAUGHT HER DAUGHTER THE good wife taught her daughter, Full many a time and oft, A full good woman to be ; For said she : " Daughter to me dear, Something good now must thou hear, If thou wilt prosper thee. Daughter, if thou wilt be a wife, Look wisely that thou work ; Look lovely and in good life, Love God and Holy Kirk.1 Go to church whene'er thou may, Look thou spare for no rain, 1 See note.
Page xxii - Take no seat, but be ready to stand until you are bidden to sit down. Keep your hands and feet at rest. Do not claw your flesh or lean against a post in the presence of your lord.

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