Report of Progress in the Juniata District on the Fossil Iron Ore Beds of Middle Pennsylvania, Volume 16

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Board of Commissioners, 1878 - Geology - 305 pages
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Page 294 - Armstrong, and Clarion Counties, by D. Jones Lucas : and also a Map and Profile of a line of levels along Slippery Rock Creek, by JP Lesley. 8 vo., pp. 122 ; 5 maps and sections, a plate and 5 cuts. Price in paper, $0 75 : postage, $0 06. Price in cloth, $1 00 ; postage, $0 08. K. REPORT ON GREENE AND WASHINGTON COUNTIES — 1875, Bituminous Coal Fields.
Page 294 - By F. and WG Platt. Pp. 194, illustrated with 84 wood-cuts and 4 maps and sections. Part I. Cambria. Price, $1 00 ; postage, $0 12.
Page 294 - N. REPORT OF PROGRESS — 1875-6-7. Two HUNDRED TABLES OF ELEVATION ABOVE TIDE-LEVEL of the Railroad Stations, Summits and Tunnels ; Canal Locks and Dams, River Riffles, &c., in and around Pennsylvania; with map ; pp.
Page 294 - H. REPORT OF PROGRESS IN THE CLEARFIELD AND JEFFERSON DISTRICT OF THE BITUMINOUS COAL FIELDS of Western Pennsylvania— 1874. By Franklin Platt. 8vo., pp. 296, illustrated by 139 cuts, 8 maps, and 2 sections. Price in paper, $1 50 ; postage, $0 13.
Page 295 - Other Reports of the Survey are in the hands of the printer, and will soon be published. The sale of copies is conducted according to Section 10 of the Act, which reads as follows : * * * " Copies of the Reports, with all maps and supplements, shall be donated to all public libraries, universities, and colleges in the State, and shall be furnished at cost of publication to all other applicants for them.
Page 294 - By JJ Stevenson ; pp. 437, illustrated by 50 wood-cuts and 3 county maps, colored. Part I. Eastern Allegheny County, and Fayette and Westmoreland Counties, west from Chestnut Ridge. Price, $1 40 ; postage, $0 20.
Page iv - LEO LESQUEREUX — Fossil Botanist, Columbus, Ohio. EB HARDEN — In charge of Illustrations for the Reports, 1008 Clinton street, Philadelphia. CHARLES ALLEN— In charge of the Collection of Records of Railroad and other Levels, Harrisburg.
Page 294 - RIVER VALLEY IN FAYETTE AND WESTMORELAND COUNTIES. with Geological Notes of the Coal and Iron Ore Beds, from Surveys, by Charles A. Young; by Franklin Platt. To which are appended: I. A Report on Methods of Coking, by John Fulton. II. A Report on the use of Natural Gas in the Iron Manufacture, by John B. Pearse, Franklin Platt, and Professor Sadtler.
Page 214 - the upper part of the Chemung is characterized by a general tendency to conglomerate, or gravel. In a few localities the mass becomes a well characterized pudding-stone. This conglomerate (continues Mr. Hall) nowhere attaining sufficient thickness or importance to merit a distinct description.
Page 184 - Riddlesburg. (From, the Report of 1858.) (17.) No. XII, serai conglomerate not 100 feet thick, the lowest coal bed above it being only about 100 feet above the limestone No. 14. [Mt. Savage Coal bed ?] (16.) Interval of a few feet unknown. (15.) Silicious slate, dull brown color, 10 feet. (14.) Limestone, hard, silicious, reddish, embracing plates of red shale ; its fragments strew a blank space of 40 feet occupied probably by red shale below its apparent outcrop. (13.) Sandstone, fine-grained, micaceous,...

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