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Page 72 - ... as the former is poorly so. In all parts of the world a rocky and partially protected shore perhaps supports, in a given space, a greater number of individual animals than any other station. There is one marine production, which, from its importance, is worthy of a particular history. It is the kelp, or Macrocystis pyrifera. This plant grows on every rock from low-water mark to a great depth, both on the outer coast and within the channels...
Page 14 - ... ankylostomiasis in Porto Rico is abstracted. The disease is very prevalent, and probably 90 per cent, of the inhabitants, who number about one million, suffer from it, and are more or less incapacitated. It is estimated that for an expenditure of 20,000?. per annum 100,000 persons could be treated a year. IN the last volume of the Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers (vol.
Page 317 - The trustees can establish a circulating library, and may borrow, with the consent of the Municipal Council, money for school purposes. The trustees are under the obligation to provide adequate school accommodation, as defined by the regulations of the Education Department, and sufficient for all children of school age within the school division ; to employ the required number of qualified teachers ; to permit the children of all residents, between the ages of five and twenty-one, to attend school...
Page 316 - While this system is quite symmetrical in its arrangement, it is also thoroughly practical, and rests upon the free action of the ratepayers in each municipality. The whole...
Page 315 - He speedily set himself to reconstruct, upon a broader and more lasting foundation, our entire system of public instruction. As a preliminary step, he devoted a year to the examination and comparison of the systems of education in Europe and America, and embodied the results in a " Report on a System of Public Elementary Instruction in Upper Canada...
Page 60 - These schooners are generally of from 60 to 100 tons burden. They have little depth of hold, great breadth of beam, rake very much fore and aft, and carry large cotton sails which enable them to sail fast even with a light breeze. Their decks are roomy, and on them the whole work of salting and barreling is carried on. Mackerel is met with off the coast of Nova Scotia, in the Bay of Fundy, and in the Gulf of Canso; but nowhere is it more plentiful than in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, off the coast of...
Page 316 - Such of these as are comprised within a larger district termed a "county," constitute (4.) The county municipality, which is under the government of a council composed of the heads of the different minor municipal divisions in such counties as have already been constituted in the province. (5.) Cities are established from the growth of towns when their population exceeds 15,000,* and their municipal jurisdiction is akin to that of counties and towns combined.
Page 108 - Dominion Province of Ontario, there is as fair a country as exists on the North American continent, nearly as large in area as New York, Pennsylvania and Ohio combined, and equal if not superior to those States as a whole in its agricultural capacity.
Page 313 - Legislature, and made permanent in 1808, establishing a Classical and Mathematical School in each of the eight Districts into which Upper Canada was then divided.
Page 287 - ... profit and increasing rate of wages, of necessity ensuing from the progress of invention, is fully sustained by these tables. As the capital is increased both in its quantity and in its effectiveness, the absolute share of product falling to capital is increased, but the relative share is diminished. On the other hand, the share of the laborer is increased, both absolutely and relatively.

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