Manual for the Medical Department, United States Army

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1917

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Page 188 - The personnel charged exclusively with the removal, transportation, and treatment of the sick and wounded, as well as with the administration of sanitary formations and establishments, and the chaplains attached to armies, shall be respected and protected under all circumstances. If they fall into the hands of the enemy they shall not be considered as prisoners of war.
Page 187 - The personnel serving with the land and naval forces in time of war or threatened hostilities will, while proceeding to their place of duty, while serving thereat, and while returning therefrom, be transported and subsisted at the cost and charge of the United States as .civilian employees employed with said forces.
Page 188 - The personnel protected in virtue of the first paragraph of article 9, and articles 10 and 11, will wear attached to the left arm a brassard bearing a red cross on a white ground, which will be issued and stamped by competent military authority, and accompanied by a certificate of identity in the case of persons attached to the sanitary service of armies who do not have military uniform.
Page 77 - Cases of the latter will be promptly subjected to treatment, but not necessarily excused from duty unless, in the opinion of the surgeon, deemed desirable. They will be made of record in the medical reports in any case. A list of those diseased but doing duty will be kept both by the company or detachment commander and the surgeon, and the 1nfected men will be required to report to a medical officer for systematic treatment until cured.
Page 20 - ... as the same may be applicable to persons whose retention permanently in the military service of the United States is not contemplated by law...
Page 153 - Diseases of the esophagus.* 102. Ulcer of the stomach. 103. Other diseases of the stomach (cancer excepted). 104.
Page 33 - That in emergencies the Surgeon General of the Army, with the approval of the Secretary of War, may appoint as many contract surgeons as may be necessary, at a compensation not to exceed $150 per month.
Page 21 - The essential requirements to securing an invitation are that the applicant shall be a citizen of the United States, shall be between twenty-two and thirty years of age, a graduate of a medical school legally authorized to confer the degree of doctor of medicine...
Page 51 - ... are to perform work of the grade performed by classified employees shall be appointed upon certification by the Commission from appropriate registers of eligibles in the manner provided by these rules; and a person employed merely as a laborer or workman without examination under these rules shall not be assigned to work of the grade performed by classified employees.
Page 35 - ... hundred dollars per annum, and of as many chief nurses, nurses, and reserve nurses as may be needed. Reserve nurses may be assigned to active duty when the emergency of the service demands, but shall receive no compensation except when on such duty: Provided, That all nurses in the nurse corps shall be appointed or removed by the Surgeon-General, with the approval of the Secretary of War; that they shall be graduates of hospital training schools, and shall have passed a satisfactory, professional,...

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