A Collection of Novels and Tales of the Fairies, Volume 2

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Page 1 - A Collection of Novels and Tales of the Fairies, written by that celebrated wit of France, the Countess d'Anois, translated from the best edition of the original French, by several hands.
Page 142 - Dumas, Taking the Bastile. Dancing; Water (The), from the Burning forest. This water had the power of imparting youthful beauty to those who used it. Prince Chery, aided by a dove, obtained it for Fairstar. The dancing water is the eighth wonder of the world. It beautifies ladies, makes them young again, and even enriches them. — Comtesse D'Aunoy, Fairy Tales (" Princess Fairstar,
Page 186 - I am the Blue Centaur. If you will give me every third year a young child, I promise to bring a hundred of my kinsmen and drive the Ogri away." . . . He [the Blue Centaur] used to appear on the top of a rock, with his club in one hand . . . and with a terrible voice cry out to the shepherds, " Leave me my prey, and be off with you ! " — Comtesse d'Aunoy, Fairy Tales (" Princess Carpillona,
Page 14 - Com'rade (2 sjfy, the horse given by a fairy to Fortunio. He has many rare qualities . . . first he eats but once in eight days; and then he knows what's past, present, and to come [and speaks with the voice of a man]. — Comtesse DAunoy, Fairy Tales ("Fortunio.
Page 105 - Soul, flipp'd the Ring on her Finger, and W-as immediately changed into a Dove, and flew away with her faithful Pigeon.
Page 162 - Then took her by the Hand, and made her fit down by him ; but not before her Childien and fhe had embraced as often.
Page 236 - He had a noble Air, a delicate Shape, a fine Head of Hair...
Page 1 - Tranflated from the beft Edition of the Original FRENCH, by feveral Hands.

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