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Could Change Your Life

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This book was key to the solving of a four year family battle. It was successfully mediated (the third attempt) just this past weekend, and fate had me meet one of the authors (Carol Tavris) at a ... Read full review

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I may not only re-read this book, I may do so immediately. The premise is simple, the research base solid, the conclusions warranted and the implications incredible. Tavris and Aronson do a magnificent job of exploring the issue of cognitive dissonance, and it is difficult to convey just how wide-ranging their findings are. This book is important on a personal, organizational, national and international scale. The damaging effects of polarization, of taking a stance and running with it are lucidly described, as are the benefits and reasons for admitting a mistake has been made - by YOU. It's rare I consider a book life-changing, but this one could be it. Admit you could be wrong. Examine your premises. Admit you were wrong. Change your mind. If you like to argue, if you argue frequently, if you are married, if you are someone's boss, if you make decisions, if your decisions have an impact on anyone besides yourself, you should read this book. Anyone who thinks I am exaggerating hasn't read the book. Oh, and don't expect the Pope to re-examine papal infallibility anytime soon.  

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