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E. Mathews and J. Lane, 1894 - English drama - 294 pages
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Page 298 - A WORD must be said for the manner in which the publishers .**. have produced the volume (ie "The Earth Fiend"), a sumptuous folio, printed by CONSTABLE, the etchings on Japanese paper by MR. GOULDING. The volume should add not only to MR. STRANG'S fame but to that of MESSRS. ELKIN MATHEWS AND JOHN LANE, who are rapidly gaining distinction for their beautiful editions of belles-lettres.' — Daily Chronicle, Sept. 24, 1892. Referring to MR. LE GALLIENNE'S 'English Poems' and ' Silhouettes
Page 237 - Our language is too worn, too much abused, Jaded and over-spurred, wind-broken, lame,— The hackneyed roadster every bagman mounts ! I cannot tell you what I want with you, Unless you understand the depth of this : I want for you heroic happiness. Magdalen, How might I win this happiness ?" Smith. Be mine : I am the enemy of all the world : Dare it with me : be mine.
Page 298 - Referring to MR. LE GALLIENNE'S 'English Poems' and ' Silhouettes ' by MR. ARTHUR SYMONS : — ' We only refer to them now to note a fact which they illustrate, and which we have been observing of late, namely, the recovery to a certain extent of good taste in the matter of printing and binding books. These two books, which are turned out by MESSRS. ELKIN MATHEWS AND JOHN LANE, are models of artistic publishing, and yet they are simplicity itself. The books with their excellent printing and their...
Page 311 - John Lane, at the Sign of the Bodley Head, is a satisfaction to the special senses of the modern bookman for bindings, shapes, types, and papers. They have surpassed themselves, and registered a real achievement in English bookmaking by the volume of " Poems, Dramatic and Lyrical,
Page 275 - Song THE boat is chafing at our long delay, And we must leave too soon The spicy sea-pinks and the inborne spray, The tawny sands, the moon. Keep us, O Thetis, in our western flight! Watch from thy pearly throne Our vessel, plunging deeper into night To reach a land unknown.
Page 298 - MR. LE GALLIENNE is a fortunate young gentleman. I don't know by what legerdemain he and his publishers work, but here, in an age as stony to poetry as the ages of Chatterton and Richard Savage, we find the full edition of his book sold before publication. How is it done, MESSRS. ELKIN MATHEWS AND JOHN LANE ? for, without depreciating MR. LE GALLIENNE'S sweetness and charm, I doubt that the marvel would have been wrought under another publisher. These publishers, indeed, produce books so delightfully...
Page 301 - DAVIDSON (JOHN). PLAYS : An Unhistorical Pastoral ; A Romantic Farce ; Bruce, a Chronicle Play ; Smith, a Tragic Farce ; Scaramouch in Naxos, a Pantomime, with a Frontispiece and Cover Design by AUBREY BEARDSLEY. Printed at the Ballantyne Press. 500 copies.
Page 232 - Smith. So soon ! But you are right : one must become Fanatic — be a wedge — a thunder-bolt, To smite a passage through the close-grained world.
Page 309 - WILDE (OSCAR). The incomparable and ingenious history of Mr. WH, being the true secret of Shakespear's sonnets now for the first time here fully set forth, with initial letters and cover design by CHARLES RICKETTS.
Page 310 - Subscription Ģi per annum, post free, for the four numbers. Quarto, printed on hand-made paper, and issued in a limited edition to subscribers only. The Magazine will contain articles upon Literature, Music, Painting, Sculpture, Architecture, and the Decorative Arts; Poems ; Essays ; Fiction; original Designs; with reproductions of pictures and drawings by the old masters and contemporary artists. There will be a new titlepage and ornaments designed by the Editor. Among the contributors to the Hobby...

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