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This book was a fairly good read. As with many material on this subject, you must keep an open mind about the topic being addressed, and be ready to learn what the author is trying to teach you. The author, in this case, being Christine Garwood. This book mainly focuses on the Flat Earth movement, which started in the 1800s, and accounts skeptics and debunkers who took on this issue. Garwood begins the book with a story about how Christopher Columbus claiming that the world was round actually led to the misconception people now have. An amazing quote from this text was, “Let this groundless fraud be at length resisted, and let our children no longer be taught that we are spun through the air like cockchafers, at the rate of thousands of miles an hour.”- John Hampden. This quote essentially says that kids should not be taught that they are living on a spinning orb, which is rotating at thousands of miles an hour,in space; when in reality they live on a flat, stationery planet. My one issue with this book was the fact that most of the information provided were statements and observations made by people from centuries ago. Such as Plato and Aristotle, also, Garwood referenced the bible a lot. Not that it’s a problem, but not everyone believes that the writing is the bible can be trusted or is accurate. So my one suggestion would be to use sources that people will have no problem agreeing with. But in the end, this book was very well written, the author stuck by their claim and gave adequate resources to backup statements made. I would recommend it for someone looking to dip their toe into the Flat Earth “pool”. 

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