The Text of the New Testament

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Rivingtons, 1908 - Bible - 108 pages
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Although somewhat obsolete, this little book remains an excellent short survey of the objectives, materials, and theories involved in New Testament textual criticism. Theologically, Lake was blazingly liberal, and his manner of life was not without scandal, but fortunately, when it came to textual criticism, he was all business. The best thing about this book is that it is concise and focused. 

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Page 25 - qui scripturas ex Hebraea lingua in Graecam verterunt, numerari possunt, Latini autem interpretes nullo modo: ut enim cuique primis fidei temporibus in manus venit codex Graecus et aliquantulum facultatis sibi utriusque linguae habere videbatur, ausus est interpretari.
Page 35 - Joseph, to whom was betrothed Mary the Virgin, begat Jesus, who is called the Christ.
Page 40 - ... in the days of the pious Mar Philoxenus, confessor, Bishop of that city. Afterwards it was collated with much diligence by me, the poor Thomas, by the help of two [or three] approved and accurate' Greek Manuscripts in Antonia, of the great city of Alexandria, in the holy monastery of the Antonians. It was again written out and collated in the aforesaid place in the year of the same Alexander 927 (AD 616), Indiction IV. How much toil I spent upon it and its companions, the Lord alone knoweth...&c."...
Page 91 - ... the origin of the Western interpolations, or Neutral interpolations, is connected somehow with the sources of the New Testament rather than with its text. It is a remarkable fact that the prominent features of the Western text exist in the Gospels and Acts, which are based on documents of an earlier date, but are to a large extent wanting in the Epistles, which are free compositions unconnected with other writings. It is therefore well to keep in mind the possibility that we have cases in the...
Page 6 - Lake says that the reason why so few variants can certainly be traced to dogmatic motivation is 'the vigilance with which the orthodox and heretics regarded each other's efforts in this...
Page 25 - Latinae consuetudine discreparent, ita calamo temperavimus, ut his tantum quae sensum videbantur mutare correctis, reliqua manere pateremur ut fuerant.
Page 100 - H-MSS., up to the end of the ninth century, are numbered 1 to 49; those of the tenth century 50 to 99; for the following centuries numbers of three ciphers are taken, and the cipher in the hundreds' place indicates the century: thus, 121 means a MS.
Page 14 - Nc is all but pure Syrian both in the Gospels and in St Paul's Epistles. Pamphilus as we know was the apologist of Origen and the friend of Eusebius. If then Pamphilus had anything to do with a text nothing is more probable than that he should take at least eight per...
Page 53 - These divisions, of which there are 68 in Matthew 48 in Mark, 83 in Luke, and 18 in John...
Page 16 - This manuscript seems to have been brought from the East by Andrew John Lascar [d. 1535], a learned Greek patronised by Lorenzo de' Medici ; it once belonged to Cardinal Nicolas Ridolphi of that family, was brought into France by Queen Catherine de' Medici of evil memory, and so passed into the Royal Library at Paris*.

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