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Many of the responses to this book prove the truth of the old adage: there is nothing so hard to accept as a painful truth.
In fact, Kinzer's analysis is clear, comprehensive and convincing to anyone
with an open mind. And, although he starts with the Hawaii rebellion in 1893, he could have taken earlier examples in Texas, California and Arizona in 1845. Exactly the same methodology was used there: arm the American settlers, make a big deal about their need of "protection," arrange the deposing of legitimate governments, convince big business to take over local industry, agriculture and commerce. So it's been going on since the early days of the Union and it's not finished, judging by the Bosnia, Kosovo and Afghan instances.
You can see that many Americans don't want this to be mentioned or analysed but Kinzer does a good job of it, without prejudice or too much judgement. He simply concludes that this aspect of USA foreign policy doesn't carry much credit and would not be acceptable if any other country did it.

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