A History of Christianity in Asia, Vol. II: 1500-1900, Volume 2

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Orbis Books, Jul 30, 2014 - Religion
The story of Christianity in the West has often been told, but the history of Christianity in the East is not as well known. The seed was the same: the good news of Jesus Christ for the whole world, which Christians call "the gospel." But it was sown by different sowers; it was planted in different soil; it grew with a different flavor; and it was gathered by different reapers. It is too often forgotten that the faith moved east across Asia as early as it moved west into Europe. Western church history tends to follow Paul to Philippi and to Rome and on across Europe to the conversion of Constantine and the barbarians. With some outstanding exceptions, only intermittently has the West looked beyond Constantinople as its center. It was a Christianity that has for centuries remained unashamedly Asian. A History of Christianity in Asia makes available immense amounts of research on religious pluralism of Asia and how Christianity spread long before the modern missionary movement went forth in the shelter of Western military might. Invaluable for historians of Asia and scholars of mission, it is stimulating for all readers interested in Christian history. --

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Preface to the ASM Series
India 15001700 St Thomas or St Peter The St ThomasMar
The Buddhist Kingdoms oftheSouth 15051800 Portuguese Ceylon Burma Vietnam Siam
The Muslim Kingdoms of Southeast Asia 1500
The Christian CenturyinJapan Xavier Jesuitsand Japanese Patronage 15511587
TheDoorto China OpensAgain 18071860 Robert Morrison and China 18071834 The UltraGanges Mission
The CatholicCentury in Korea 17841886The
Burma 18131850 Protestant Pioneers
Ceylon under British Rule
Malaysiaand Singapore18001860 Malaysia
Indonesia 18001860

Christianity under the Manchu Ching or Qing Dynasty
TheSpaniards inthe Philippines 15211800
Efforts to Train a Filipino Clergy
WestAsia under the Turks
The Protestants Reach
Capitalist Traders Calvinist Chaplains
EighteenthCentury India 17081792 Danish
A Fresh Start in India 17921860 Carey and
Advance in India 18601900
ChinasChristians atthe Empires End 1860
Christianity Reappears inJapan 18591900 The Catholic Recovery
Protestantsand New Beginnings inKorea 1865
The Philippines 18601906
Siam Malaysia and Vietnam
Indonesia 18601900
ThinkingBack andLooking Ahead Thinking Back

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