Census of population and housing (2000): United States Summary Social, Economic, and Housing Counts

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Page 186 - The mean center of population is that point at which an imaginary, flat, weightless, and rigid map of the United States would balance if weights of identical value were placed on it so that each weight represented the location of one person on the date of the census] NA Not available.
Page 342 - Park borough Hanover township Harding township Jefferson township Kinnelon borough Lincoln Park borough Madison borough Mendham borough Mendham township Mine Hill township Montville township Morris township Morris Plains borough Morristown town Mountain Lakes borough Mount Arlington borough Mount Olive township...
Page 187 - Place names are in terms of 2000 and may not have existed at time of the recorded census. 2Conterminous United States excludes Alaska and Hawaii. 3West Virginia was set off from Virginia, Dec. 31, 1862, and admitted as a state June 20, 1863. Table B. Median Center of Population of the United States: 1880 to 2000 'Place names are in terms of 2000 and may not have existed at time of the recorded census.
Page 191 - Area: 1790 to 1990 [Area figures represent area on indicated date including in some cases considerable areas not then organized or settled, and not covered by the census.
Page 180 - Contains definitions for the subject-matter items used in census reports, including explanations of derived measures, limitations of the data, and comparability with previous censuses. The subjects are listed alphabetically. In reports that contain both population and housing...
Page 195 - December 3, 1 81 8, as the 21 st state, with generally the same boundary as the present state. Although the territory had not yet been legally established, census data for Illinois are available beginning with the 1 800 census. The 1810 population is for the entire area of the Illinois Territory, including territory not in the present state. For an explanation of the revision to the 1800 population of Illinois, see Richard L.
Page 191 - Totals for 1840 and 1830 exclude persons (6,100 in 1840 and 5,318 in 1830) on public ships in the service of the United States, not credited to any region, division, or state.
Page 192 - The southern one-third of the territory north of the 3 1 st parallel was unorganized until 1 798 with the creation of Mississippi Territory. The United States claimed the territory south of the 31st parallel as part of the Louisiana Purchase in 1 803, but did not formally acquire this territory from Spain until 1812. Alabama Territory was organized from the eastern part of Mississippi Territory on March 3, 181 7, with generally the same boundary as the present state.
Page 204 - Virginia originally included 48 Virginia counties; in 1 866, Congress officially added two more counties, Berkeley and Jefferson, to the state resulting in generally the same boundary as the present state. Although West Virginia had not been legally established, census data for West Virginia are available beginning with the 1790 census when it was enumerated as part of Virginia. The populations shown from 1 790 to 1 860, before statehood, are based on the county boundaries that existed at each census;...
Page 196 - ... from France in 1 803 as part of the Louisiana Purchase, although the area east of the Mississippi River and north of Lake Pontchartrain and the southwestern boundary were disputed with Spain until 1812. Orleans Territory, which included the greater part of Louisiana, was organized on March 26, 1 804. (The Louisiana Territory, organized on March 3, 1 805, did not include any of the present-day state of Louisiana; the Louisiana Territory was the portion of the Louisiana Purchase that was north...

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