The Intellectual Observer, Volume 11

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Groombridge and Sons, 1867 - Science
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Page 317 - Museum of Science and Art. THE MUSEUM OF SCIENCE AND ART. Edited by DIONYSIUS LARDNER, DCL, formerly Professor of Natural Philosophy and Astronomy in University College, London. With upwards of 1 200 Engravings on Wood.
Page 257 - And his heart was moved, and the heart of his people, as the trees of the wood are moved with the wind. 3 Then said the LORD unto Isaiah, Go forth now to meet Ahaz, thou, and Shear-jashub thy son, at the end of the conduit of the upper pool in the highway of the fuller's field...
Page 127 - Less than archangel ruined, and the excess Of glory obscured ; as when the sun, new risen, Looks through the horizontal misty air Shorn of his beams, or from behind the moon, In dim eclipse, disastrous twilight sheds On half the nations, and with fear of change Perplexes monarchs.
Page 358 - Shame come to Romeo ! Jul. Blistered be thy tongue, For such a wish ! he was not born to shame. Upon his brow shame is ashamed to sit ; For 'tis a throne where honor may be crowned Sole monarch of the universal earth.
Page 378 - Having remarked how thin a stratum of air is displaced beneath the wings of a bird in rapid flight, it follows that in order to obtain the necessary length of plane for supporting heavy weights, the surfaces may be superposed, or placed in parallel rows, with an interval between them.
Page 99 - ... the said misdoers, and them and other by their discretion, by whom the truth may be known, to examine, and such as they find therein defective to punish them after their demerits, after the form and effect of statutes thereof made, in like manner and form as they should and ought to be punished, as if they were thereof convict after the due order of the law.
Page 233 - A valuable contribution to the evidences of revelation, and disposes very conclusively of the arguments of those who would set God's Works against God's Word. No real difficulty is shirked, and no sophistry is left unexposed.
Page 306 - Stockholm), and that it was spreading very fast. He was restless, and went out often. He said that the house of one of his friends, whom he named, was already in ashes, and that his own was in danger. At eight o'clock, after he had been out again, he joyfully exclaimed, " thank God! the fire is extinguished, the third door from my house.
Page 478 - We do not remember having seen a work so completely to our mind as this, which combines sound theory with judicious practice. Proceeding step by step, it advances from the formation of the shortest sentences to the composition of complete essays, the pupil being everywhere...

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