Final Report on the Battlefield of Gettysburg ...

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J.B. Lyon Company, Printers, 1900 - Gettysburg National Military Park (Pa.) - 1462 pages
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Page 1280 - So live, that when thy summons comes, to join The innumerable caravan, that moves To that mysterious realm, where each shall take His chamber in the silent halls of death, Thou go not, like the quarry slave at night, Scourged to his dungeon; but, sustained and soothed By an unfaltering trust, approach thy grave Like one who wraps the drapery of his couch About him, and lies down to pleasant dreams.
Page 1017 - There was a sound of revelry by night, And Belgium's capital had gathered then Her Beauty and her Chivalry, and bright The lamps shone o'er fair women and brave men ; A thousand hearts beat happily ; and when Music arose with its voluptuous swell, Soft eyes looked love to eyes which spake again, And all went merry as a marriage bell ; But hush ! hark ! a deep sound strikes like a rising knell...
Page 1308 - When my eyes shall be turned to behold, for the last time, the sun in heaven, may I not see him shining on the broken and dishonored fragments of a once glorious Unioh ; on States dissevered, discordant, belligerent ; on a land rent with civil feuds, or drenched, it may be, in fraternal blood...
Page 1064 - Thy people ; that all things may be so ordered and settled by their endeavours, upon the best and surest foundations, that peace and happiness, truth and justice, religion and piety, may be established among us for all generations.
Page 1183 - Here a magnificent display greeted my eyes. Our whole front for two miles was covered by batteries already in line or going into position. They stretched — apparently in one unbroken mass — from opposite the town to the Peach Orchard, which bounded the view to the left, the ridges of which were planted thick with cannon. Never before had such a sight been witnessed on this continent, and rarely, if ever, abroad.
Page 955 - Homes, firesides, and domestic altars are involved. The army has fought well heretofore ; it is believed that it will fight more desperately and bravely than ever if it is addressed in fitting terms.
Page 1078 - Mr. President, I shall enter on no encomium upon Massachusetts; she needs none. There she is. Behold her, and judge for yourselves. There is her history; the world knows it by heart The past, at least, is secure. There is Boston, and Concord, and Lexington, and Bunker Hill; and there they will remain forever.
Page 955 - The enemy are on our soil; the whole country now looks anxiously to this army to deliver it from the presence of the foe ; our failure to do so will leave us no such welcome as the swelling of millions of hearts with pride and joy at our success would give to every soldier of this army.
Page 955 - Corps and other commanders are authorized to order the instant death of any soldier who fails in his duty at this hour.
Page 1308 - The union of lakes — the union of lands — The union of states none can sever — The union of hearts — the union of hands — And the Flag of the Union forever And ever! The Flag of our Union forever!

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