The Monthly Review, Volume 23

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J. Murray, 1906 - Art
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Page 121 - JERUSALEM the golden ! With milk and honey blest ; Beneath thy contemplation Sink heart and voice opprest. I know not, oh ! I know not What joys await us there ; What radiancy of glory, What bliss beyond compare.
Page 59 - It was regarded as no disparagement for the daughter of a duke, nay of a royal duke, to espouse a distinguished commoner. Thus, Sir John Howard married the daughter of Thomas Mowbray Duke of Norfolk. Sir Richard Pole married the Countess of Salisbury, daughter of George Duke of Clarence. Good blood was indeed held in high respect: but between good blood and the privileges of peerage there was, most fortunately for our country, no necessary connection. Pedigrees as long, and scutcheons as old, were...
Page 9 - It makes all the difference in the world whether we put Truth in the first place or in the second place.
Page 15 - I am not mistaken, the distinguishing character of Lucretius (I mean of his soul and genius) is a certain kind of noble pride, and positive assertion of his opinions. He is everywhere confident of his own reason, and assuming an absolute command, not only over his vulgar reader, but even his patron Memmius. For he is always bidding him attend, as if he had the rod over him ; and using a magisterial authority, while he instructs him.
Page 59 - De Veres, nay kinsmen of the House of Plantagenet, with no higher addition than that of esquire, and with no civil privileges beyond those enjoyed by every farmer and shopkeeper. There was therefore here no line like that which in some other countries divided the patrician from the plebeian.
Page 176 - Fire Department. Property of nearly every description at home and abroad insured at the Lowest Rates, Losses by Lightning, Damage by Explosion of Gas in buildings not forming part of any Gas Works, made good. Rents of Buildings insured. SECURITY, LIBERALITY, & PROMPTITUDE in Settlement of Claims. Prospectuses and everv information can be obtained at the Chief Offices: London I (Wyn.r in i" n .1.1^^0 PL ACE, sw i „,- inn / 61 . THREADNEEDLE STREET, EG: Edinbt Northern Assurance Company.
Page 86 - ... a precaution which seems to me to be unnecessary; for, if the feeling justifies the metre, the ear will take naturally to its variations ; but if there is not sufficient motive power of passionate thought, no typographical aids will make anything of this sort of verse but metrical nonsense...
Page 48 - L'immortalité de l'âme est une chose qui nous importe si fort, qui nous touche si profondément, qu'il faut avoir perdu tout sentiment pour être dans l'indifférence de savoir ce qui en est. Toutes nos actions et nos pensées doivent prendre des routes si différentes, selon qu'il y aura des biens éternels à espérer ou non , qu'il est impossible de faire une démarche avec sens...
Page 169 - Blicke, Wie einst im Mai. Es blüht und funkelt heut auf jedem Grabe, Ein Tag im Jahre ist den Toten frei; Komm an mein Herz, dass ich dich wieder habe, Wie einst im Mai.
Page 59 - ... and shopkeeper. There was therefore here no line like that which in some other countries divided the patrician from the plebeian. The yeoman was not inclined to murmur at dignities to which his own children might rise. The grandee was not inclined to insult a class into which his own children must descend.

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