Raising Our Children, Raising Ourselves: Transforming Parent-Child Relationships from Reaction and Struggle to Freedom, Power and joy

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Book Publishers Network, 2006 - Family & Relationships - 250 pages
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Every parent would happily give up ever scolding, punishing or threatening if she only knew how to ensure that her toddler/child/teen would thrive and act responsibly without such painful measures. Raising Our Children, Raising Ourselves is the answer to this universal wish. It is not about gentle ways to control a child, but about a way of being and of understanding a child so she/he can be the best of herself, not because she fears you or seeks your approval but because she wants to, of her own free will. Aldort's guidance takes the struggle out of parenting. The book is full of real life stories, often leaving the reader moved to tears or laughter and relieved to discover that there is a kinder way. The SALVE communication formula has been praised for providing a hybrid of The Work of Byron Katie and Nonviolent Communication. It gives parents the tools to move beyond their initial unproductive reaction, to a response that is connecting and empowering to the child and to themselves.      

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This mistakenly says that Naomi Aldort has a Phd, which she admitted years ago was from an unaccredited online university. She no longer sells counselling sessions as she is not registered to do so. Be aware. Thought-provoking book, but marred by her misrepresentations of her education and qualifications.
I did telephone counselling with Naomi a few years back but am now glad that I followed my own heart and didn't give in to every whim of my children. I have met children raised like this (not on their own island in isolation as Naomi's were) and the sense of entitlement is staggering. Also children who stay up as late as they wish, sleep in, and can do as they wish, aren't very pleasant to be around. I don't feel that children raised very permissively fit into society as well as those who are taught to see the needs of others, not just their own.

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About the author (2006)

Naomi Aldort is the author of Raising Our Children, Raising Ourselves (in 17 languages). Parents from around the globe seek Aldort’s advice by phone/Skype, in person and attend her workshops, web-classes and Family Retreat. She is an engaging public speaker who has lectured in conferences, colleges and private events world wide. Aldort’s guidance has transformed the lives of families around the world. Her advice columns and interviews appear in attachment parenting, homeschooling and other progressive parenting magazines worldwide in English and other languages.

From infants and toddlers to children and teens including the emotional needs of parents, Naomi Aldort addresses a wide range of parenting issues. Her guidance is not about gentle ways to control a child, but about how to have a well-behaved and happy child without having to control. It is about a way of being and of understanding our children so they can do their best, not because they fear us or seek our approval, but because they want to, of their own free will.

Naomi Aldort brings peace and clarity to difficult situations, as well as to ordinary parenting issues. Her warm and natural approach opens the heart and assists parents in trusting themselves, discovering their own wisdom and trusting their children. The result is deep parent-child connection, peace, and powerful, self-reliant, content children.

Aldort works holistically toward a peaceful and powerful parent-child relationships from infancy through teens. Her SALVE communication formula has been praised as providing the best of The Work of Byron Katie and Nonviolent communication combined, and more.

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