The Bolsheviki and World Peace

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Boni and Liveright, 1918 - Europe - 238 pages
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Page 21 - In another paragraph : The war proclaims the downfall of the national state. * * * We Russian Socialists stand firmly on the ground of internationalism. * * * The German social democracy was to us not only a party of the international — it was the party par excellence.
Page 29 - War is the method by which capitalism, at the climax of its development, seeks to solve its insoluble contradictions. To this method the proletariat must oppose its own method — the method of the social revolution.
Page 28 - The task of the proletariat is to create a far more powerful fatherland, with far greater power of resistance — the republican United States of Europe, as the foundation of the United States of the World.
Page 227 - The possessing classes, to their consternation, will soon have to recognize this change. A working class that has been through the school of war will feel the need of using the language of force as soon as the first serious obstacle faces them within their own country. "Necessity knows no law," the workers will cry when the attempt is made to hold them back at the command of bourgeois law.
Page 230 - Such a struggle for peace means for us not only a fight to save humanity's material and cultural possessions from further insane destruction. It is for us primarily a fight to preserve the revolutionary energy of the proletariat. To...
Page 37 - The past epoch has bequeathed to it a rich arsenal of ideas. It has bequeathed to it the weapons of criticism. The new epoch will teach the proletariat to combine the old weapons of criticism with the new criticism of weapons.
Page 238 - We will keep our minds clear amid this hellish death music, our undimmed vision. We feel ourselves to be the only creative force of the future. Already there are many of us, more than it may seem. To-morrow there will be more of us than to-day. And the day after to-morrow, millions will rise up under our banner, millions who, even now, sixty-seven years after the Communist Manifesto, have nothing to lose but their chains.
Page 133 - As opponents on principle of every dynastic war, as social republicans and members of the International...
Page 226 - Necessity knows no law," said the German Chancellor on August 4th. Monarchs walk about in public places calling each other liars in the language of market-women; governments repudiate their solemnly acknowledged obligations ; and the national church ties its God to the national cannon like a criminal condemned to hard labor. Is it not clear that all these circumstances must bring about a profound change in the mental attitude of the working class, curing them radically of the hypnosis of legality...
Page 22 - ... humanity's producers, but through the exploitation of the world's economic system by the capitalist class of the victorious country; which country is by this War to be transformed from a Great Power into the World Power. The War proclaims the downfall of the national state. Yet at the same time it proclaims the downfall of the capitalist system of economy.

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