Annual Plant Reviews, Plant Pigments and their Manipulation

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Kevin Davies
John Wiley & Sons, Feb 12, 2009 - Science - 368 pages
Annual Plant Reviews, Volume 14

It is difficult to over-state the importance of plant pigments in biology. Chlorophylls are arguably the most important organic compounds on earth, as they are required for photosynthesis. Carotenoids are also necessary for the survival of both plants and mammals, through their roles in photosynthesis and nutrition, respectively. The other plant pigment groups, such as flavonoids and betalains, have important roles in both the biology of plants and the organisms with which plants interact.

This book provides an overview of pigment chemistry and biology, together with an up-to-date account of the biosynthesis of pigments and the modification of their production using biotechnology. The chapters cover a wide scope of pigmentation research - from the importance of structural diversity in generating the range of colours seen in plants, through to improving human health properties of crops by increasing pigment levels in transgenic plants.

The volume is directed at researchers and professionals in plant biochemistry, molecular biology and genetics.


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1 An introduction to plant pigments in biology and commerce
2 Chlorophylls
3 Carotenoids
4 Flavonoids
5 Condensed tannins
6 Betalains
7 Important rare plant pigments
8 Plant pigments and human health
9 Plant pigments and protection against UVB Radiation
10 Techniques of pigment identification

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Kevin Davies is the author of Annual Plant Reviews, Volume 14, Plant Pigments and their Manipulation, published by Wiley.

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