Physician and Surgeon, Volume 2

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Keating & Bryant, 1880
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p 163 moral depravity of KSM LSM

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Page 335 - Studies, by AUSTIN FLINT, MD, Professor of the Principles and Practice of Medicine and of Clinical Medicine in the Bellevue Hospital Medical College.
Page 378 - ... shall be punished by a fine of not less than three hundred dollars nor more than five hundred dollars, or imprisonment at hard labor for not less than one nor more than three years, or both, at the discretion of the Court.
Page 500 - I can neither approve of that practice nor those delays ; because my father, brothers, and myself (tho' none else in Europe as I know,) have, by God's blessing and our industry, attained to, and long practised a way to deliver women in this case without any prejudice to them or their infants, though all others (being obliged, for want of such an expedient, to use the common way) do, and must endanger, if not destroy, one or both with hooks.
Page 319 - In the four quarters of the globe, who reads an American book? or goes to an American play? or looks at an American picture or statue?
Page 47 - A System of Midwifery, Including the Diseases of Pregnancy and the Puerperal State.
Page 191 - FREEMAN J. BUMSTEAD, MD, LL.D. Late Professor of Venereal Diseases at the College of Physicians and Surgeons, New York.
Page 203 - From the facts before them the committee feel warranted in the following conclusions :—1. That defibrinated blood is admirably adapted for use for rectal alimentation. 2. That in doses of two to six ounces it is usually retained without any inconvenience, and is frequently so completely absorbed that very little trace of it can be discovered in the dejections. 3. That administered in this way once or twice a day it produces in about one-third of the cases, for the first few days, more or less constipation...
Page 377 - That every person offending in the premises shall forfeit and pay for each offence the sum of five dollars, to be sued for and recovered in an action of debt by any person who will sue for the same, with cost.
Page 568 - ... dissolved. After this, an injection of boracic lotion (saturated aqueous solution of boracic acid) or an emulsion of eucalyptus oil (one ounce of eucalyptus oil, one ounce of gum acacia, water to forty or twenty ounces) to be used for two or three days. At the end of that time injections of sulphate of zinc, two grains to the ounce, may be begun.
Page 570 - The knowledge that a man can use, is the only real knowledge; the only knowledge that has life and growth in it and converts itself into practical power. The rest hangs like dust about the brain, or dries like the rain-drops off the stones.

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