RELOADED: An American Warning

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AuthorHouse, Jan 17, 2014 - Political Science - 284 pages
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Most American Citizens could not tell you what kind of government we are supposed to have, even though many recited it each day before class. How can someone love something they know nothing about? Our nation is filled with those in uniform who have sworn an oath to support and defend the Constitution but could not tell you what Article 4 Section 4 says, or any other Article for that matter. How can someone defend something they know nothing about? Many in this nation could not recite the Bill of Rights without the need to look them up. How can someone exercise a Right that they know nothing about? Ignorance is defined as “lack of knowledge or information”. This more than sums up a large portion of Americans today in regard to the important things. The question is: Are you one of the informed, or one of the ignorant? History is beginning to repeat itself once again. Can you guess were these ignorant masses are going to end up? RELOADED - An American Warning is yet another chance intended to provide intellectual separation from those deemed the “low information” masses. The ideas in this book may scare you, but we must confront these problems head on. There are many problems we face these days, but you must remember one thing: Before we can receive the right answers about what to do, we must first be willing to ask the right questions about what is wrong.

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