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Page 5 - A runaway slave. Colonia A farm devoted to growing of sugar cane. Colonio The owner or renter of a colonia. Cordel Twenty-four yards. Corral A plantation, round in shape, with radius of 1 league; usually devoted to cattle raising. Cuartel Barracks.
Page 459 - ... stores, 35 houses, and 150 inhabitants. Has a detachment of rural guard and telephone. Remains of Spanish entrenchments just outside of village to the east. Spanish barracks for one company; in ruins. Rural guard barracks will shelter 50 men. At western exit of village there is trace of Spanish stockade. Road to Jicotea evidently strongly guarded by Spanish. The rolling country east of Jicotea contains enough well-drained space to camp a division ; no water except at Jicotea Creek, which, however,...
Page 3 - Document No. 345. Office of the Chief of Staff. INTRODUCTORY NOTE. These military notes were compiled in the Military Information Division, Army of Cuban Pacification, during the occupation of Cuba in 1906, 1907, and 1908. The plan was formulated in said division and carried to completion under the supervision of the commanding generals of that army. This compilation was prepared by Capt. John W. Furlong...
Page 6 - An isolated palm shack. Kealengo Land not included in grants; property of the State. Sabana A flat table-land with but little vegetation.
Page 5 - Barracon Buildings constructed on plantations to quarter laborers. Barrio Subdivision of a township. Batey The yard surrounding a sugar mill and usually inclosed by a fence or wall. Bodega A store selling provisions. Bohfo (Bogio) A shack made of palm leaves.
Page 6 - Mogote An Isolated, flat-topped hill. Monte In Cuba this term signifies woods or unpopulated territory with small growth. If the territory is extensive, It Is called

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