The Portsmouth Directory, Containing the City Record, and the Names of the Citizens, with Business and Street Directories

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Dean Dudley, 1905 - Portsmouth (N.H.)
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Page 196 - Canada, is subject to the same postage rates and conditions as it would be if it were addressed for delivery in the United States, except that...
Page 196 - Stamp of the face value of ten cents, attached to any article of mailable matter, in addition to the lawful postage of such article, entitles it to immediate delivery within the carrier delivery limit of any Free Delivery Post Office, and within one mile of any other post office in the United States. The law permits the delivery by mail of letters bearing only the Special Delivery Stamp, but the ordinary postage due will be collected of the addressee on delivery. Letters arriving from foreign countries...
Page 196 - Class. — Patterns, address tags, bill heads, letter heads, playing cards, blotting paper bearing printed advertisements, merchandise, metals, and all other matter not included in the first, second and third classes.
Page 196 - Seeds, cuttings, roots, bulbs, etc., may be forwarded in the mails of the United States, with postage prepaid at third class rate, but matter of this nature for Canada must be prepaid at 4th class rates. The date of issue, name of...
Page 197 - Admissable bona fide trade samples of merchandise, 2 cents for first 4 ounces or less and 1 cent for each additional 2 ounces or fraction thereof; limit of weight is 12 ounces; limit of length is 12 inches; breadth 8 inches; depth 4 inches.
Page 196 - Books (printed), circulars, labels, photographs, proof sheets, corrected proof sheets and M S copy accompanying the same, blank checks, drafts, insurance policies and other legal papers, handbills, posters, and all matter of the same general character.
Page 196 - TREATY—By the conditions of this treaty, all packages of merchandise (heretofore excluded) addressed to Canada, if presented for mailing, in such form as to be capable of easy inspection, can be forwarded in the mails to the office of address, if postage is fully prepaid at the rate applicable to the same in the domestic mails. Such packages will be examined by the Canadian custom officials, and if the package contains dutiable matter, the amount of duty will be collected on delivery of package.
Page 192 - OF DIRECTORS LAST ELECTED. Lucius Tuttle, Boston, Mass.; Samuel C. Lawrence, Medford, Mass.; Joseph S. Ricker, Portland, Me.; George M. Pullman, Chicago, 111.; Richard Olney, Boston, Mass.; William T.
Page 196 - All packages containing poisons, explosives, substances exhaling bad odor, liquids (ardent, vinous, spirituous or malt.) obscene matter of any description, dunning notices on postal cards, and all articles which from their nature are liable to damage the mails or injure any person handling the same, cannot be forwarded in the mails.
Page 196 - ... resist rough handling; and there must be provided, between the bottle and said block or tube, a cushion of cotton, felt or some other absorbent sufficient to protect the glass from shock in handling; the block or tube to be impervious to liquids, including oils...

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