The Catholic School System in the United States: Its Principles, Origin, and Establishment

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Benziger, 1908 - Catholic church in the United States - 415 pages
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Page 96 - my soul to God my Maker and Redeemer to the fellowship of all the holy Angells and Saints and my body to the earth from whence it came to be decently buried with all Christian Rites and Ceremonies according to my quality.
Page 173 - for the education of , such poor children as do not belong to, or are not provided for by any religious society,
Page 251 - We judge it absolutely necessary that schools should be established, in which the young may be taught the principles of faith and morality, while being instructed in letters.
Page 106 - If any persons professing to be of the Church of Rome should keep school, or take upon themselves the education, Government, or boarding of youth, at any place in the province, upon conviction such offenders should be transported to England to undergo the penalties provided there by Statutes 11 and 13, William III, 'for the further preventing the growth of Popery.
Page 79 - From the beginning, the Ursulines were treated with the greatest kindness by the mother country. The expenses of the voyage were paid for them, and they were given a fixed salary until the institution became self-supporting. In 1740, they figure in the budget of the colony for 12,000 livres, for the support of twelve
Page 62 - They had been brought from the state of savagery, taught to wear clothes and accustomed to a regular life of toil, taught to read and write, instructed in music, accustomed to the service of the Church, partaking of its sacraments, and indoctrinated in the Christian religion.
Page 372 - were wasted in the discussion of a theological tenet, but not one half hour was given to the only question which the common council should have permitted to come before them, namely: Are the rights of this portion of the citizens violated or not? If so, are there in our hands the means to apply a remedy?
Page 288 - The instructors must be examined as to their qualifications by the committee, and receive their appointments from them. "3. These schools must be placed, as respects the examination, inspection, and general supervision of the committee, on precisely the same footing with the other schools of the town.
Page 114 - one who, during the whole time he was under my care, never deserved, on any account, a single harsh word, and whose sweet temper rendered him equally agreeable both to equals and superiors, without ever making him degenerate into the mean character of a favorite, which he always justly despised. His application to his Book and Devotions was constant and unchangeable.
Page 99 - in 1664 provided that his children "Should have such education in Learning as to write and read and cast accompt. I mean my three Sonnes, my two daughters to learn to read and sew with their needle and all of them to be Kept from Idleness.

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