Proceedings of the Royal Philosophical Society of Glasgow, Volume 38

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Page 79 - There the passions cramp'd no longer shall have scope and breathing space: I will take some savage woman, she shall rear my dusky race. Iron-jointed, supple-sinew'd, they shall dive, and they shall run, Catch the wild goat by the hair, and hurl their lances in the sun; Whistle back the parrot's call, and leap the rainbows of the brooks, Not with blinded eyesight poring over miserable books — Fool, again the dream, the fancy!
Page 114 - Where any sewage matter falls or flows or is carried into any stream along a channel used, constructed, or in process of construction at the date of the passing of...
Page 141 - includes the sea to such extent, and tidal waters to such point, as may, after local inquiry and on sanitary grounds, be determined by the Local Government Board, by order published in the London Gazette (a).
Page 223 - With respect to this the oldest heroic poem in any Germanic tongue, my opinion is, that it is not an original production of the Anglo-Saxon muse, but a metrical paraphrase of an heroic Saga composed in the south-west of Sweden, in the old common language of the North, and probably brought to this country during the sway of the Danish dynasty.
Page 146 - ... sanitary authority under the Rivers Pollution Prevention Act, 1870, or such of them as may be specified in the order...
Page 200 - An inveterate coquero, or coca chewer, is known at the first glance. His unsteady gait, his yellow-coloured skin, his dim and sunken eyes encircled by a purple ring, his quivering lips and his general apathy, all bear evidence of the baneful effects of the coca juice when taken in excess.
Page 282 - The New Knowledge. A popular account of the new physics and the new chemistry in their relation to the new theory of matter.
Page 52 - The value of the land is not created or maintained by the expenditure or exertion of its owner, except in so far as he is a member of the community. It is well, therefore, to select a standard of rating which will not have the effect of placing a burden upon industry. Hence the proposal to exclude from the standard the value of buildings and erections of all kinds, and fixed machinery. To include these in the standard tends to discourage industry and enterprise. To exclude them has the opposite effect....
Page 217 - Take the instant way ; For honour travels in a strait so narrow, Where one but goes abreast. Keep then the path ; For emulation hath a thousand sons That one by one pursue. If you give way, Or hedge aside from the direct forthright, Like to an enter'd tide they all rush by, And leave you hindmost...
Page 18 - Blowen bretfull of breth and as a bagge honged On bothen his chekes, and his chyn with a chol lollede, As greet as a gos eye growen all of grece; That all wagged his fleche as a quyk myre.

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