A Manual of Mending and Repairing: With Diagrams

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Dodd, Mead and Company, 1896 - Repairing - 264 pages
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Page 121 - 9, 1893, Dr. Samuel A. Green, after showing two volumes that had been completely riddled by the ravages of insects, as well as some specimens of the animals in various stages, made the following remarks :— For a long period of years I have been looking for living specimens of the so-called
Page 125 - which, if they do not destroy, at least they soil, as they frequently deposit a drop of their excrement where they settle. They swarm by myriads in old houses, making every
Page 122 - dries up the moisture which is a requisite condition for the life and propagation of the little animal. Nearly two years ago I received a parcel of books from Florida, of which some were infested with vermin, and more or less perforated in the manner I have described. It occurred to me that they would make a good
Page 123 - so fully as to leave nothing to be desired, and is as follows :— " MUSEUM OF COMPARATIVE ZOOLOGY, CAMBRIDGE, MASS., February 7, 1893. "DR. SAMUEL A. GREEN, BOSTON, MASS. " SIR,—The infested books sent for examination to this Museum, through the kindness of Mr. George E. Littlefield, were received July
Page 124 - 5, 1893, which proves the species to be sufficiently at home in this latitude. " The second of the three is one of the ' Buffalo Bugs,' or ' Carpet Bugs,' so called ; not really bugs, but beetles. The species
Page 213 - if upon panel, like the pictures of Raffaelle, Andrea del Sarto, or Fra Bartolomeo, it breaks up the paint by scaling it off in small points of the size of a pin's head.
Page 125 - to be effectual. For a number of years I have used, on lepisma and roach, a mixture containing phosphorus, ' The Infallible Water Bug and Roach Exterminator,' made by Barnard & Co., 7 Temple Place, Boston, and, without other interest in advertising the compound, have found it entirely satisfactory in its effects. Bisulphide carbon, evaporated in closed
Page 213 - means of a piece of thick buckskin leather well wrung out, and left just wet enough to slip lightly over the surface of the picture. In the case of some masters, as
Page 213 - upon a rough canvas, water not only breaks the unity of its surface, but from the canvas being of a coarser texture than the pictures of Claude or William
Page 213 - the free use of water may be regarded as next door to absolute destruction ; and the warmer and drier the weather the more active and

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