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Review: Paul

User Review  - Ann Hein - Goodreads

This book took me back to the days of Paul and the 25 years he preached and disciplined and fought with the Jewish Christians in Jerusalem. Chapters were told in the voice of different people with ... Read full review

Review: Paul

User Review  - Steven Slaughter - Goodreads

I have read three of Wangerin's biblical novels in the last year or so. For those of you who regularly read the Bible, I would encourage you to check out this one on the life of the apostle Paul ... Read full review

Review: Paul

User Review  - Gay Kauffman - Goodreads

A retelling of the story of the Apostle Paul's life, based on his letters and the book of Acts but fictionalized to help the reader understand the contemporary culture. I felt I gained a better understanding of what Paul's life may have been like. Read full review

Review: Paul

User Review  - Debby Burton - Goodreads

There is a long, long list of characters in the back, and you need that list a lot! It is a novel based on the life of Paul/Saul, but the first 80 pages are horribly confusing. After that, with a ... Read full review

Review: Paul

User Review  - Ty Melgren - Goodreads

Paul isn't any more likeable here than he is in the New Testament. I liked this a lot, it made me want to be the world's foremost scholar of Bible fan fic until forty seconds ago when I googled "bible fan fic". Read full review

Review: Paul

User Review  - Iris - Goodreads

Paul: A Novel tells the life of Paul from the stoning of Stephen to his imprisonment in Rome. It is written from the perspectives of different people in Paul's life: Priscilla, Timothy, Titus, James ... Read full review

Review: Paul

User Review  - Heather Pulley - Goodreads

Wow, what a fascinating book! I had never really thought about the tremendous challenges the early church must have faced as Jews and Gentiles tried to embrace this new faith in Jesus together. I ... Read full review

Review: Paul, A Novel

User Review  - Raynola Dominguez Dazley -

A wonderful novel, written with a passion and flare that is difficult to find. Well worth the while, take time to read this novel and you won't be sorry. Read full review

Review: Paul

User Review  - The other John - Goodreads

This is one of those books that just sucks me in and causes me to neglect my daily chores to read just one more chapter. I wasn't expecting this, really. I mean, I like Walt Wangerin's work, but I'm ... Read full review

Review: Paul

User Review  - Rosie - Goodreads

The story of the apostle Paul told in the form of a novel, mostly from the multiple points of view of the major people in his life -- Prisca (Priscilla), James the Just, Barnabas, Timothy, Luke, Titus ... Read full review

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