My Australian Girlhood, Sketches and Impressions of Bush Life

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T. F. Unwin, 1902 - Australia - 270 pages
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Page 280 - Surely this is real romance — the romance that is real. Space forbids anything but the merest recapitulation of the other living realities of Mr. Conrad's invention— of Lingard, of the Inimitable Almayer, the one-eyed Babalatchi, the Naturalist, of the pious Abdulla — all novel, all authentic. Enough has been written to show Mr. Conrad's quality. He imagines his scenes and their sequence like a master ; he knows his individualities and their hearts ; he has a new and wonderful field in this...
Page 275 - In 2 Volumes. The Papal Monarchy: From Gregory the Great to Boniface VIII. By Rev. W. BARRY. Mediaeval Rome. By WILLIAM MILLER. Buddhist India. By TW RHYS DAVIDS. The Story of Greece (to the Roman Occupation). By ES SHUCKBURGH.
Page 276 - The book is well and ably written ... is brightened by a truly magnificent series of photographs . . . beautifully reproduced on fine paper." — Edinburgh Scotsman. Tourists to Cuba, Porto Rico and the West Indies will find this a most reliable and the only General Handbook. T. FISHER UNWIN, PATERNOSTER SQUARE, LONDON.
Page 275 - MCCARTHY. 53. Modern Spain, 1878-1898. By MARTIN AS HUME, FRHS, Author of " Sir Walter Ralegh," &c. 54. Modern Italy, 1748-1898. By PIETRO ORSI, Professor of History in the R. Liceo Foscarini, Venice. With over 40 Illustrations and Maps. 55. Norway. By Professor HTALMAR H. BOYESEN, Author of
Page 280 - is perhaps the finest piece of fiction that has been published this year, as ' Almayer's Folly ' was one of the finest that was published in 1895 ... Surely this is real romance — the romance that is real.
Page 282 - As convincingly real and vivid as a narrative can be."— Sketch. " No maker of plots could work out a better story of its kind, nor balance it more neatly.
Page 279 - Quite as good as a novel — and a good deal better, too. The book is so bright and vivid that readers with the common dislike of history may venture on its pages unafraid."— ANDREW LANG In Ccsmefetit. SIR WALTER RALEGH Being Vol. I. of the series entitled "Builders of Greater Britain,
Page 286 - This book is due on the last date stamped below, or i on the date to which renewed. Renewed books are subject to immediate recall. kl _ rec'd circ. FEB 1 7 1983 General Library University of California Berkeley *&&3SSú$ ^I8j66l \ ░^ /V /V /V (V /V IS. (V^/ > UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA ^/aes...
Page 274 - A work which, for the first time, renders it possible for the English reader to understand the part which literature has played not only in ancient or in mediaeval or in modern India, but in India from the earliest times to the present day.
Page 280 - This startling, unique, splendid book." Mr. TP O'CONNOR, MP "This Is a decidely powerful story of an uncommon type, and breaks fresh ground in fiction. ... All the leading characters in the book — Almayer, his wife, his daughter, and Dain, the daughter's native lover — are well drawn, and the parting between father and daughter has a pathetic naturalness about it, unspoiled by straining after effect. There are, too, some admirably graphic passages in the book. The approach of a monsoon Is most...

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