Pieces of Ancient Popular Poetry : from Authentic Manuscripts and Old Printed Copies

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W. Pickering, 1833 - Ballads, English - 172 pages
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Page 33 - Enprynted at London in Flete strete at the sygne of the sonne by Wynkyn de Worde...
Page 137 - Or all the lords in Scotland fair, And ladies that been so bright of blee, There is a noble lady among them all, And report of her you shall hear by me. For of her beauty she is bright, And of her colour very fair, She's daughter to lord Arundel, Approv'd his parand and his heir. He see this bride, lord Phenix said, That lady of so bright a blee, And if I like her countenance well, The heir of all my lands she'st be.
Page 17 - Of no man had they dread, The one hyt the justice, the other the sheryfe, That both theyr sides gan blede. All men voyded that them stode nye, When the justice fell downe to the grounde, And the sherife fell nyghe hym by, Eyther had his deathes wounde.
Page 154 - I'le send for thy father, lord Arundel, And he and I the wedding will see ; If he will not maintain you well, Both lands and livings you'st have of me.
Page 28 - Now haste the," then sayd the kyng, " By him that dyed on a tre; But yf thou do not as thou hast sayde, Hanged shalt thou be. "And thou touche his head or gowne, In syght that men may se, By all the sayntes that be in heaven, I shall hange you all thre."
Page 10 - Have here my treasure," sayde William, " My wyfe and my chyldren thre, For Christes love do them no harme, But wreke you all on me.
Page 22 - Where they woulde nedes be. And whan they came to the kynges courte, Unto the pallace gate, Of no man wold they aske no leave, But boldly went in therat.
Page 16 - Ryght lytle wolde I care." Then spake good Adam Bell, To Clym of the Clough so free, " Brother, se ye marke the justyce wel, Lo yonder ye may him see. " And at the shyrife shote I wyll, Strongly with an arrowe kene ; A better shote in mery Caerlel Thys seven yere was not sene.
Page 12 - Alas ! then sayde that lytle boye, Ye tary here all to longe ; Cloudesle is taken and dampned to death, All readye for to honge.
Page 19 - Under the trysty tre, There they found bowes full good, And arrowes full great plentye. " So God me help," sayd Adam Bell, * And Clym of the Clough so fre, " I would we were nowe in mery Caerlel, Before that fayre meyny.

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