The Canada Law Journal, Volume 13

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W.C. Chewett & Company, 1877 - Law
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Page 80 - for the surviving or continuing trustees or trustee for the time being, or the acting executors or executor, or administrators or administrator of the last surviving and continuing trustee, or for the last retiring trustee, by writing, to appoint any other person or persons to be a trustee or trustees, in place of the trustee or trustees dying, or
Page 161 - under a false representation, of the service in which such person is to be engaged, with the intent or in order that such person may accept, or agree to accept, any commission or engagement in the military or naval service of any foreign State at war with a friendly State
Page 316 - be taken by petition or suggestion to the king or his council, unless it be by indictment or presentment, or by writ original at the common law ; nor shall be put out of his franchise or freehold, unless he be duly put to answer, and forejudged of the same by due course of law.
Page 44 - Judge on being satisfied by evidence on oath that the inspection or production of such ballot papers is required for the purpose of maintaining a prosecution for an offence in relation to ballot papers, or for the purpose of a petition
Page 161 - we do hereby strictly command that no pereon or persons whatsoever do commit any act, matter, or thing whatsoever contrary to the provisions of the said statute, upon pain of the several penalties by the said statute imposed, and of our high displeasure.
Page 161 - breaking, or endeavouring to break, any blockade lawfully and actually established by or on behalf of either of the said sovereigns, by carrying officers, soldiers, despatches, arms, ammunition, military stores or materials, or any article or articles considered and deemed to be contraband of war according to the law or modern usages of nations, for the use or service of either of the
Page 79 - make such other order for the determination of the matter in dispute, either by the trial of an issue or otherwise, as he thinks fit, upon such terms in all cases, with respect to the lien or charge (if any) of such third person, and as to costs, as he thinks just and reasonable. Costs in abated Suits.
Page 281 - which such party has any disposing power which he may without the assent of any other person exercise for his own benefit, shall be liable to seizure and sale
Page 78 - If the garnishee suggests that the debt sought to be attached belongs to some third person, or that some third person has a lien or charge upon it, the Judge may order such third person to appear before him, or before some person
Page 136 - with regard to easements which are used from time to time only, they do not pass, unless the owner, by appropriate language, shows an intention that they should pass. The right to go to a well and take water is not a continuous easement, nor is it an easement of necessity.

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