International Catalogue of Scientific Literature: Chemistry. D, Volume 2

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International Council, 1904 - Chemistry
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Page 319 - Repertorium, Uebersichtlich geordnete Mittheilungen der neuesten Erfindungen, Fortschritte und Verbesserungen auf dem Gebiete der • technischen und industriellen Chemie "' mit Hinweis auf Maschinen, Apparate und Literatur. Herausgegeben von Dr. Emil Jacobsen.
Page 222 - FCS, AMInst.CE With Numerous Plates, Diagrams, and Illustrations. 21s. net. [See page 76 Calcareous Cements : Their Nature, Preparation, and Uses. With some Remarks upon Cement Testing. By GILBERT REDGRAVE, Assoc.Inst.CE, and CHAS.
Page 87 - Examination of methods employed in estimating the total acidity of gases escaping from the chamber process for manufacture of sulphuric acid, with suggestions arising from the study of the interaction of nitrous and sulphurous acids, or their salts, in aqueous solution.
Page 165 - SIDEROLOGY: THE SCIENCE OF IRON (The Constitution of Iron Alloys and Slags). Translated from German of HANNS FREIHERR v. JUPTNER. 350 pp. Demy 8vo. Eleven Plates and Ten Illustrations. Price 10s. 6d. net. (Post free, 11s. home; 11s. 6d. abroad.) EVAPORATING, CONDENSING AND COOLING APPARATUS. Explanations, Formula; and Tables for Use in Practice.
Page 197 - Report of the conjoint committee on the detection and approximate estimation of minute quantities of arsenic in beer, brewing materials, food-stuffs and fuels.
Page 68 - Sur la chaleur dégagée dans la réaction de l'oxygène libre sur le pyrogallate de potassium, XXV, j5.
Page 170 - AR 1901 Development and distribution of nitrates and other soluble salts in cultivated soils. Wisconsin Agr. Exp. Sta. Bui. 85: 3-48.
Page 206 - For many years there has been a general disposition to revive the ancient notion that all matter is composed of a common ' protyle,' and that the elements have been formed from it by a successive scries of condensations.
Page 805 - KRAUCH, C., Dr. Testing of Chemical Reagents for Purity. Authorized translation of the Third Edition, by JA Williamson and LW Dupre. With additions and emendations by the author. 8vo, cloth net, $4.

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