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Nonfictional and educational comics often run headlong into the dilemma of information dissemination. The critical question facing such works is how to translate the knowledge of higher education to a wider audience who may only have a rudimentary comprehension of the material at hand. This is a conflict educators often confront on a daily basis as they prepare lectures or lesson plans. The ... Read full review

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Q. How did you like the book?
A. Fantastic. Jim and Leland did a great job. I understand more about Feynman and even a little about what he was doing and teaching. These guys, the author and
artist, really captured Feynman's genius and the subject matter he applied his genius to. Also, the other things Feynman did in his life. His style of teaching, his personality, his wives and children. But not so much about his parents.
Q. So it was easy reading, in the comic style?
A. Yes, it goes fast and it's all interesting, though when Feynman gets to lecturing to his Cal Tech class, I admit I was lost pretty early on.
Q. But non-physicists can benefit from the reading?
A. By all means. Everyone should read this book, and for that matter many more books should be written like this, with the visual and verbal together in comic book form, or whatever it is. Complex topics can be understood, and biographies, too.

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