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i have read the book. the book is written and complied by the great author.really the book is contain g all subjects and all are useful in the light of today's burning problems like terrorism , violence and hoarding. it is true that all crimes are under the category of 5 sins (PAAPS) HINSA, JHOOTH, CHORI, KUSHEEL AND PARIGRAHA.ALL rules regulations , I PC CPC . ARE due to these sins.there are 5 vows like AHIMSA. SATYA, ACHAURYA, BRAHMCHARYA, APRIGRAHA. writer has written about anenkantvad . there are three fortress of Jainism they are AHIMSA, ANEKANTVAD AND APRIGRAHA . WRITER HAS CONTRIBUTED SO MANY REFERENCES. writer has described by swethambar and digmabar literature's.i like the book and given vivid descriptions. 

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