Good Roads, Volumes 5-6

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Roads Improvement Bureau of the League of American Wheelmen, 1894 - Roads
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Page 342 - Dear Johnston, Your request for eighty dollars I do not think it best to comply with now. At the various times when I have helped you a little you have said to me, " We can get along very well now"; but in a very short time I find you in the same difficulty again. Now, this can only happen by some defect in your conduct. What that defect is, I think I know. You are not lazy, and still you are an idler. I doubt whether, since I saw you, you have done a good whole day's work in any one day. You do...
Page 256 - Ill., in 1878; studied law and was admitted to the bar in 1880; was elected city attorney of Galesburg in 1881; was chairman of the Republican county central committee of Knox County in 1884; was elected a member of the lower house of the general assembly of Illinois in 1888...
Page 342 - What that defect is, I think I know. You are not lazy, and still you are an idler. I doubt whether, since I saw you, you have done a good whole day's work in any one day. You do not very much dislike to work, and still you do not work much, merely because it does not seem to you that you could get much for it. This habit of uselessly wasting time is the whole difficulty ; it is vastly important to you, and still more so to your children, that you should break the habit.
Page 343 - I make, get the seventy or eighty dollars for four or five months' work. You say if I will furnish you the money you will deed me the land, and, if you don't pay the money back, you will deliver possession. Nonsense! If you can't now live with the land, how will you then live without it? You have always been kind to me, and I do not mean to be unkind to you.
Page 342 - In this I do not mean you shall go off to St. Louis, or the lead mines, or the gold mines in California, but I mean for you to go at it for the best wages you can get close to home in Coles County. Now if you will do this you will soon be out of debt, and, what is better, you will have a habit that will keep you from getting in debt again.
Page 325 - In the days of Shamgar the son of Anath, in the days of Jael, the highways were unoccupied, and the travellers walked through byways. 7 The inhabitants of the villages ceased, they ceased in Israel, until that I Deborah arose, that I arose a mother in Israel.
Page 322 - The road system of France has been of far greater value to the country as a means of raising the value of lands and of putting the small peasant proprietors in easy communication with their markets, than have the railways. It is the opinion of well-informed Frenchmen who have made a practical study of economic problems, that the superb roads of France have been one of the most steady and potent contributions to the material development and marvelous financial elasticity of the country.
Page 104 - I found myself a-wond'rin', - In a misty way and dim, How the Lord had come to fashion Sich an awful man as him. Then the other lawyer started, An", with brimmin', tearful eyes, Said his client was a martyr That was brought to sacrifice. An...
Page 220 - Keep a-goin' ! When it looks like all is up, Keep a-goin'! Drain the sweetness from the cup, Keep a-goin' ! See the wild birds on the wing ! Hear the bells that sweetly ring! When you feel like sighin', — sing! Keep a-goin'!
Page 177 - Could he tell her? All the treasures Of their household lay in silence many years beneath the snow ; But her heart was with them living, back among her toils and pleasures Long ago. And again she called at dew-fall, in the sweet old summer weather : " Where is little Charley, father ? Frank and Robert — have they come ? '' "They are safe," the old man faltered, "all the children are together— Safe at home.

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