Napoleon's Oraculum; Or, Book of Fate ...: Only Complete American, from the 50th London Ed

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Fisher - Fortune-telling - 72 pages

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Page 61 - Sons will be born unto thee; — train them in their youth in the way they should go, and when they are old they will not depart from it.
Page 31 - If thou actest prudently and uprightly, thou needest not fear the tongue of the slanderer. > As the seasons vary, so will thy fortune. ) It sayeth, let not the next opportunity escape of ) advancing thy fortune. ) Let not despair be added to the burden of thy |- misfortunes, but hope that they will be removed in ) due time. ") If thou gainest the confidence of thy children, thou j-mayest lay the foundation of their happiness, by ) teaching them to discriminate between good and evil.
Page 37 - Train thy child in the way in which he should walk, and when he is old he will not depart from it It is folly in thee to wed, if thou hast nothing but mere beauty, or love, to feed upon.
Page 8 - ... adapted. Set not thy mind on searching after that which hath been hidden, but attend diligently to the duties of thy calling. Choose right trusty companions for thy intended journey, and no ill can befall thee.
Page 54 - If thou tarriest at home, thou slink meet with few changes. Thy dream portendeth ill luck to thine enemies. Thy misfortunes will cease to overpower thee. Have more anxiety to bequeath knowledge than riches to thy children, and they will be happy. This union will be productive of real happiness. Be not neglectful, and thy beloved will remain true. The traveller will speedily revisit his own country and kindred.
Page 33 - Thou mayest be a merchant ; but sell not thy soul for gain. It will be thy fate to pass by, but not to find, a treasure. Put not thy trust in the fair appearance of all those whom thou meetest in thy travels. Thou art sincerely beloved.
Page 60 - He must still remain a stranger for a short season. The air which has long been filled with the sighs of oppression, will soon resound with shouts of "Liberty!
Page 72 - TUESDAY. — Worse ; though he may with extraordinary vigilance, conquer the inordinate desires to which he will be subject — still, he will be in danger of dying by violence.
Page 30 - Remain at home, and thou wilt do well. A frugal repast will preserve thy health, and give thee many days to live ; whilst the midnight banquet may kill thee straight. Once more will the captive breathe the air of freedom. Thy partner will be strictly virtuous : — see to it that thou be so likewise. Thou shalt have a son, whose health in his childhood will requite much care.
Page 45 - Cultivate thy talents, and adopt a profession supported by fees. Thou mayest; but be not disappointed if it be not of great value. Set out one day, sooner, or later, than thou hadst previously intended. Your love is mutual, but endeavours will be made to cause dissension between you. To ensure recovery, the patient's mind must be kept in cheerful mood, by the conversation of those who **** *!?** ***** * *** ***** ** ** ***** **# * are most beloved. Thou shall wed a man of high birth, but little...

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