History of Wimborne Minster: The Collegiate Church of Saint Cuthberga and King's Free Chapel at Wimborne

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Bell, 1860 - 136 pages

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Page 121 - For beere for y e ringers y e fift of November, 2s. Paid for washing out y e Kings armes, 2s. 8d. Paid the Glasier for taken downe of y e Kings armes in y e windows, and minding it again, 2s.
Page 123 - 6d. P d Robert Pope for goeing to Kingston Hall for the Masons to view the faults about the Tower, 3d. — in beere to the Ringers for a peale to trye if the tower shooke, Is. Imp
Page 88 - To the King for a tenement within the town, and to the lord of Hampreston for a tenement called " St. Mary House," xxrf. — for mending the windows of the church, beyond
Page 108 - washing the clothes against Ester, I5d. do. Midsummer quarter. do. Michaelmas quarter. 25. — work about the Spire Bell, 3d. 1588. 27. Rec d for M r . Chesman's grave one of the Ministers of this church, 6s. 8d. 29. Paid for mending M r . Palmer's surples, 2d. — for mending M r . Galping's surples. — for a new Bible, II. 13s.
Page 115 - d of Mr. Payne towards the chyme, collected of the Parish, 3Z. 16s. 6d. 140. — of Mr. Hall for his seat which he bought of other men, 2s. 141. P d for a horse for Mr. Jo. and another for Henry Allen to Dorchester for the Bible, and their dinners, 4s. — for the Church Bible,
Page 135 - Miscellanea. A CONJECTURE hazarded on page 79, as to the possible date of the removal of the Font, is upset by the fact that this removal and final mutilation did not take place till twenty or thirty years ago, whatever might have happened to the Font in the seventeenth century. In the note on
Page 107 - 12. — For a new salter (psalter), 4d. — For a square board for those that receive pennaunce, 13s. 5d. 13. Rec d in prophetts of Cuthbert's Fayre, 13s. Paid for whipping of dogges (out of church), 4rf. — for breding and dauben of the Guild Hall, 2s. 16. — for a verken (firkin) of beare for Ringers,
Page 94 - Quest." Half a crocke; of the wife of John Scherme of Preston. 46. Memorandum. That there bethe vj brewing ledys; of the wyche j is in the hands of Tybaud Chanow; another with Edmond Olyver; another with Symon Hywode; another with William Garden; and j remaineth in the chyrche. 47. Paid for holy oyle,
Page 99 - PAGE 1534. 96. Meade wax and bolleyn wax: poynts, pynys and whipcord for the canopy. For skowryng of canstycks (candlesticks), ij d. 97. a rope for the morrow-mas bell, xx d. To a carpenter for making the pentyse (penthouse) on the Church, xviij d. To John Vaucks for mendyng of the great organs, &c.,
Page 111 - of a year for the Howse, Kings benche, Marshalsey, and hurt soldiers, 26s. 71. (Items of work about the great bell: gudgens, cannons, etc.) 1599. P d for a lynen cloth to putt about the Communion Cupp, I2d. — for 3 Ibs. of candels used in the Church when they rung for the Quene,

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