Short exercises in Latin prose composition. Key

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Page 58 - IV. and V. Edited by CE GRAVES, MA, Classical Lecturer, and late Fellow of .St. John's College, Cambridge.
Page 57 - Edited by TE PAGE, MA, late Fellow of St. John's College, Cambridge ; Assistant-Master at the Charterhouse. Each 1s.
Page 55 - ROBY— A GRAMMAR OF THE LATIN LANGUAGE, from Plautus to Suetonius. By HJ ROBY, MA, late Fellow of St. John's College, Cambridge. In Two Parts.
Page 55 - LATIN PROSE COMPOSITION AND EXAMINATION PAPERS IN LATIN GRAMMAR, to which is prefixed a Chapter on Analysis of Sentences. By the Rev. H.
Page 57 - Adapted for the Use of Beginners. With Notes, Vocabulary, and Exercises, by WILLIAM WELCH, MA, and C. G. DUFFIELD, MA, Assistant-Masters at Surrey County School, Cranleigh. [Ready. Greek Testament— SELECTIONS FROM THE GOSPELS. Edited by Rev. GF MACLEAR, DD, Warden of St. Augustine's College, Canterbury. [In preparation. Homer. — ILIAD.
Page 57 - Caesar — THE GALLIC WAR. BOOK i. Edited by A. s. WALPOLE, MA [Ready. THE INVASION OF BRITAIN. Being Selections from Books IV. and V. of the
Page 55 - Professor of Greek in Harvard University, USA SYNTAX OF THE MOODS AND TENSES OF THE GREEK VERB. New Edition, revised. Crown 8vo. 6s. 6d. A GREEK GRAMMAR. New Edition, revised. Crown 8vo. 6s. •'It is the best Greek Grammar of its size in the English language.
Page 58 - The following more advanced Books, with Introductions and Notes, but no Vocabulary, are either ready, or in preparation: — Cicero.— SELECT LETTERS. Edited by Rev. GE JEANS, MA, Fellow of Hertford College, Oxford, and Assistant-Master at Haileybury College.
Page 58 - Livy. — THE LAST TWO KINGS OF MACEDON. SCENES FROM THE LAST DECADE OF l.IVY. Selected and Edited by FH KAWLINS, MA, Fellow of King's College, Cambridge; and Assistant-Master at Eton College.
Page 56 - White. — FIRST LESSONS IN GREEK. Adapted to GOODWIN'S GREEK GRAMMAR, and designed as an introduction to the ANABASIS OF XENOPHON. By JOHN WILLIAMS WHITE, Ph.D., Assistant-Professor of Greek in Harvard University. Crown 8vo. 4*.

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