Vital Records of Bellingham, Massachusetts: To the Year 1850

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New-England historic genealogical society, at the charge of the Eddy town-record fund., 1904 - Bellingham (Mass.) - 222 pages
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An alphabetical index to the manscirpt records of the town, supplemented by information from church registers, cemetery inscriptions and other sources.

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Page 4 - ... proper reference. All of the records are condensed in print as much as is consistent with intelligibility, accuracy, and completeness of information. Differences in duplicates, and explanatory or other matter which seemed necessary or desirable, appear in brackets. Marriages and intentions of marriage are printed under the names of both parties, but the full information concerning each person is given only under his or her name. An asterisk after a marriage indicates that the intention...
Page 4 - When both the marriage and intention of marriage are recorded, only the marriage record is printed ; and where a marriage appears without the intention recorded, it is designated with an asterisk. 5. Additional information which does not appear in the original text of an item, ie, any explanation, query, inference, or difference shown in other entries of the record, is bracketed. Parentheses are used...
Page 2 - That the sum of $20000 from the bequest of the late Robert Henry Eddy be set aside as a special fund to be called the Eddy Town Record Fund for the sole purpose of publishing the Vital Records of the towns of Massachusetts and that the Council be authorized and instructed to make such arrangements as may be necessary for such publication. And the treasurer is hereby instructed to honor such drafts as shall be authorized...
Page 4 - Salem and Massachusetts are named in the original records, they are given in the printed copy. Marriages and intentions of marriage are printed under the names of both parties.
Page 5 - Burying-ground h. — husband hrs. — hours inf. — infant int. — publishment of intention of marriage Jr. — junior m. — married ; month PR — private record, from Rev.
Page 6 - Jr. — junior m. — married ; month prob. — probably rec. — recorded s. — son Sr. — senior w. — wife ; week -wid. — widow widr. — widower y. — year ist.
Page 208 - ALEXANDER SCAMMELL, adjutant general of the American armies, and colonel of the first regiment of New Hampshire, while he commanded a chosen corps of light infantry at the successful siege of Yorktown, in Virginia, was, in the gallant performance of his duty as field officer of the day, unfortunately captured, and afterward insidiously wounded — of which wound he expired at Williamsburg, October, 1781.
Page 26 - A., , 1828. GR4. Seth, s. Seth and Experience, Mar. 27, 1720. Seth, s. Daniel and Elisabeth, Jan. 27, 1765. Seth, s. David Jr. [and] Susannah, Mar. 19, 1783. Seth, s. Abner and Wata, Feb. 5, 1800. Seth Aldrich, s. Seth and Susan, Sept. 20, 1826. Silvanus, s. William and Priscilla, Sept. 5, 1758. Simeon, s. Caleb and Provided, Dec. 8, 1770. Stephen Warren, s. Stephen and Joanna, July 2, 1795.
Page 100 - Smithfeld, and Beriah Grant, int. Jan. 10, 1779. Pliny and Esther Pickering, Sept. 30, 1825. Rachel and Stephen Holbrook, int. July 17, 1762. Rachel C. and Jarvis Cass, Nov. 28, 1839. Reuben and Ester Holbrook, int. Jan. 6, 1802. Rhoda and Elisha Shearman [int. Sherman], May 28, 1833. Sally and Willard Wales, Jan. 1, 1812. Sarah S., wid. [int. Mrs., omits wid.], 45, d.
Page 26 - Mar. 6, 1738. Susanna, d. William and Priscilla, Nov. 30, 1756. Susanna, d. Reuben and Esther, July 13, 1802. Sylvia Freeman, w. Levi A., Sept. 20, 1836. GRI Urania, d. Ezekiel and Jerusha, Sept. 18, 1775. Uriah, s. Nicholas and Phillis, June 27, 1760. Vernon, s. Daniel and Charlotte, Dec. 13, 1801. Warren Foster, s. Amory B. and Mary, Sept.

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