Amending Further the Peace Corps Act, Hearing Before the ... 92-1, on H.R. 9166, July 27, 1971

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Page 60 - ... establishment and maintenance at colleges and universities in the United States attended by foreign students of an adequate counseling service. (4) The President is authorized to provide for publicity and promotion (including representation) abroad of activities of the type provided for in this Act. ( f ) All persons employed or assigned to duties under this Act shall be investigated with respect to loyalty and suitability in accordance with standards and procedures established by the President.
Page 51 - ... Okun, then northern California Peace Corps director, staffed an official table alongside another manned by members of the Committee of Returned ( Peace Corps) Volunteers. While Okun handed out literature and chatted with passing students, the CRVs countered by handing out anti-Peace Corps leaflets. it "supports the world-wide vested interests of United States business and the United States government.
Page 60 - All persons employed or assigned to duties under this Act shall be investigated to insure that the employment or assignment is consistent with the national interest in accordance with standards and procedures established by the President. If an investigation made pursuant to this section develops any data reflecting that the person who is the subject of the investigation is of questionable loyalty or is a questionable security risk, the investigating agency shall refer the matter to the Federal Bureau...
Page 2 - ... we had to offer, requests changed dramatically and so did our response. Because of the tremendous needs in agriculture, we have increased the number of specialists with agriculture degrees from 82 during 1969 to 226 during 1971, and the total number of Americans experienced in agriculture from 308 to 769. By the fall of this year there will be, altogether, nearly 2,000 Peace Corps volunteers working in agricultural development in countries where hunger is a fact of everyday life for millions...
Page 35 - Corpg represents a viable opportunity for Black People. I'm not writing this to re-iterate tired propaganda about how nice it is to help people, but rather, I want you to take a look from a nationalistic point of view. Malcolm X wrote in his autobiography : ~I think the single worst mistake of the American Organizations, and their leaders, is that they have failed to establish direct brotherhood lines of communications between the independent nations of Africa and the American Black People.
Page 51 - THE PEACE CORPS How did the Peace Corps come into being? Sargent Shriver, the agency's first director, tells the story this way : "John Kennedy (campaigning for the presidency) first proposed the Peace Corps in Ann Arbor, Michigan, at about 2 am October 14, 1960. "Arriving late and finding a large crowd of students and faculty still waiting, he presented the idea as a question. Speaking extemporaneously, with no one carefully recording his remarks, he asked if they were ready to work in Asia, Africa,...
Page 30 - ... Mr. BLATCHFORD. Yes. Mr. GROSS. I beg your pardon. I see. Perhaps I d'idn't get here in time. Mr. BLATCHFORD. That is not counting Turkey. Mr. GROSS. I regret that I didn't get here sooner. Mr. Blatchford, do you know a returned Peace Corps volunteer by the name of Carolyn Gullatt ? Mr. BLATCHFORD. Yes; I do, Congressman. Mr. GROSS. Did you say in response to a question by the chairman that you had had no difficulties in the last year? Mr. BLATCHFORD. With Peace Corps volunteer??
Page 3 - Peace Corps and particularly to the manner in which it seeks to achieve a genuine partnership with developing countries. When Peace Corps volunteers, some on 24-hour notice, went to help Peru recover from the earthquake last year, they went to work on a Peruvian team, not as part of a simply American enterprise. Wherever they work, volunteers work for Indians or Venezuelans or Malaysians. The "Peace Corps project" is in fact a misnomer, a thing of the past.

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