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"This is an awesome book; easy to read and very insightful. In particular, I enjoyed reading the first chapter on the first law of thermodynamics, the second on reversibility, and the fifth and sixth on the second law. My only complaint is that Van Ness employs British Thermal Units. Another minor point : Van Ness takes the work done by the system as positive and that done on the system as negative. Engineers always do this. Physicists and chemists employ the opposite convention. For them the sign coincides with the sign of change of internal energy caused by the work process. When the system does work,
its internal energy decreases; hence the work done by the system is negative. When work is done on the system its internal energy increases; hence work done on the system is positive." in K P N Murthy, Thermdynamics : Notes", (unpublished) (2012)

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was fun

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i am a student
and my in my view as the book is not fully displayed there is a problem to understand what is written on the next page :-((( !!!

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